Contact management for business: how to collect them

Collecting contacts of possible customers is fundamental for the development of every company. Without a precise organization, however, are in fact useless

For a company, whatever its size and the sector in which it operates, it is essential to collect and manage contacts of suppliers, customers and possible customers. And the company website, if well designed and structured, could be the main source of contacts for the business.

A web portal created keeping well in mind the principles of Search Engine Optimization and User Experience, in fact, has excellent chances to be indexed by Google and, therefore, attract organic users on the site. And, through lead generation actions, transform these visitors into customers, so that we can sell them our products or services. Between the visit and the transformation into a customer, however, there is a fundamental step (among the many that must be done): to be able to have the contacts of the user / customer. Only in this way, in fact, it will be possible to address them directly and to succeed in building their loyalty.

How to get the data of the users of the site

To be able to collect the data of the users will be necessary (at least) two elements: valid contents that allow the website to be positioned in a good position on the search engines (and bring organic traffic) and a form to collect the data of the users who find the contents interesting. Obviously, the more content (which can be textual, photographic, video or any other type), the greater the chances that a web user will spontaneously provide us with his data.

Initially, therefore, it will be necessary to devise an editorial plan functional to our purposes, which will allow the site to grow in relevance in the eyes of search engines. At the same time, it will be useful to equip the portal with a module for the collection of contacts such as Contacts companies, the tool designed by Italiaonline for storing data of business users who visit the company website.

How to manage contacts for business

The simple collection of data, however, would serve little purpose if it were not supported by proper management and organization of the same. Disorganized or, even worse, loosely organized data are not at all useful for any business. On the contrary, sometimes they can cause considerable economic damage, making you spend money on advertising campaigns addressed to the wrong target.

For this reason it is essential to choose a tool that helps in the management of collected contacts and their segmentation. With Organizzazione, the Italiaonline product addressed to companies with problems in managing data collected on the web, it will be possible to systematize all the available information and transform a "shapeless pile" of data into an organized and functional database for the company's activities. On the back end, Organization is equipped with a simple and intuitive panel, which allows you to have all the most useful functions at your fingertips.

Once you have enough data, you can organize them into lists, so as not to create confusion between customers yet to be acquired and those already acquired. Organization, moreover, gives you the possibility to create marketing campaigns via SMS and email, and to automate the sending of campaigns on particular or special occasions.

In short, all the most useful tools to strengthen your marketing strategy contained in a single tool, easily manageable and integrable into the business processes you have already started.