Cork Speaker, the smart cork that turns the bottle into a speaker

Cork Speaker is a small speaker connectable via Bluetooth, it is designed to amplify, thanks to the echo of the bottles, the sounds of our favorite music

Who needs a big and powerful Bluetooth speaker to have fun and listen to music outdoors when we can take advantage of the bottles? No, we are not crazy, but we are talking about the new bottle speaker, yes you read that right, called Cork Speaker.

Cork Speaker is a simple speaker with speakers, which can be connected wirelessly to various electronic devices. The peculiarity of this accessory is that it uses the amplification of glass or plastic bottles to modify the sounds reproduced. Thanks to a double "cap" the speaker can be connected to practically any type of bottle. From the thin ones used for carbonated beverages to the wider ones used for milk and fruit juices. The adapter is made of plastic and can be modified to fit the neck of the bottle, moreover it is easily washable after use. Beware of considering Cork as just a fun item, the developers assureĀ about the audio quality.

The Smart CapĀ Cork Speaker

We can define it as a case that acts as a "smart cap" to our bottles. And the design is particularly reminiscent of a cork with an enlarged shape. It is available in four colors: red, black, silver and white. Cork is very easy to carry around, also because it weighs only 100 grams and has mini measurements: 46 millimeters x 63 millimeters. The developers guarantee that with this playback system the music will be sharper and deeper than with normal Bluetooth speakers. Cork has an autonomy of 10 hours of use and recharges thanks to a USB port. It is very easy to use, to turn it on just use the power button. Pressing the power button for more than two seconds will activate the search function for new Bluetooth devices to be connected to the speaker.