Cosa può fare Ikea Symfonisk, lo speaker wireless che sembra un quadro

Ikea e Sonos presentano un nuovo prodotto audio frutto della loro alleanza: è uno speaker Wi-Fi, ma sembra un quadro d'arte moderna.


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Sembra un normale quadro ma, in realtà, è uno speaker wireless: stiamo parlando di Symfonisk, la cornice realizzata da Ikea in collaborazione con Sonos. The Symfonisk Wi-Fi frame is the result of a partnership between the Swedish furniture giant and Sonos, a company founded in the United States in 2002 and totally dedicated to the production of audio and hi-fi systems connected to each other via WLAN. What will soon arrive in the stores of the chain founded in Northern Europe is not the first example of the partnership between the two brands. In fact, the object belongs to a wide range of loudspeakers created by the union of forces between the two companies that, previously, have given life to several proposals including amplification speakers, in multiple formats, and table lamps equipped with speaker.

Ikea Symfonisk, technical characteristics

The frame produced by Ikea can be placed on the wall using both vertical and horizontal orientation. The same is true for the support on a plane or, even, on the floor given the presence of supports that reduce the propagation of vibrations produced by the tweeter and the full-range transducer, that is, the case itself.

As for the controls, you can find on the left side of the shell the buttons for volume and sound reproduction, that is, a single combined button for play and pause. The audio is clean and powerful, manageable through the use of the free Sonos app, downloadable for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS, as is already the case with other devices from the same manufacturer. Bluetooth is not available, but you can connect wirelessly or via AirPlay 2.

Music and words come out crystal clear and powerful, despite the rather small size of the device. Measuring 40.64 x 55.88 x 5.08 cm, Symfonisk connects to the mains with the supplied cable with a total length of 3.5 meters, to be adjusted in a special space set into the back.

Ikea Symfonisk, the design that makes the difference

The main challenge, according to Sonos, was the realization of a system that can be positioned in a different way than traditional speakers without losing power.

The main challenge, according to Sonos, was to create a system that could be positioned in a different way from traditional speakers without losing power.

The depth, which is extremely reduced since it is just over 5 centimeters, and the integration of a system for directing the sound waves, so as to easily reach every corner of the room where the device is installed, in a homogeneous way.

About style, Symfonisk is proposed for purchase in two different colors, white and black. To give a more personal touch, then, there are the front panels to be purchased in 14 variants, in order to harmoniously adapt to any environment of the house and beyond.