Countdown to The House of Paper 5: where were we

One day left and The House of Paper 5 will be available for worldwide viewing on the Netflix platform, let's review everything we know.

In a few hours Volume I of The House of Paper 5 will finally be available for millions of fans who have been waiting for months. Alex Pina has repeatedly stated that this final season will be epic, the best yet. In the meantime, let's take a moment to review everything that happened in the previous two seasons, both divided, like the one that awaits us, into two parts.

September 3 is just around the corner and for millions of fans it will truly be a liberation to know who will win the war. The Professor is cornered: Sierra has managed to not only bind him with chains, but for the first time he seems completely disarmed by her witty ideas, the plan is blown. Lisbon is back inside the lair and together with the other comrades mourns the sad loss of Nairobi. The end of the biggest heist in history is approaching. More than 100 hours have passed, and we can't wait to know the big finale, but, how did we get to the confrontation with the army? Let's do a little review of what happened in the previous seasons of The House of Paper. For those who still do not know, The House of Paper is actually composed of only 2 seasons, but divided into two parts each.

The House of Paper: 1 and 2 part

The House of Paper is the most popular international series broadcast by Netflix, which after the third season, acquired the rights from Antena 3, before its cancellation. Created by Alex Pina, in the first season is told and developed, always in two parts, the idea of one of the most iconic characters: The Professor. He has in mind the perfect heist, studied for years: enter the State Mint in Madrid, print banknotes and escape with the loot. Per far questo si avvale di un gruppo di ladri, che indossano una tuta rossa e hanno, tutti, il volto coperto da una maschera raffigurante il volto di Salvador Dali. Un’arguzia del piano del Professore è che per garantire l’anonimato ogni membro ha un nome di una città: Tokyo, Mosca, Berlino, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki e Oslo.

Il progetto del colpo è lungo e complesso, ma la banda riesce a entrare come previsto nella Zecca. I colpi di scena saranno diversi, così come le perdite o il cambio di vita della negoziatrice: l’ispettrice Raquel Murillo. Alla fine la banda riuscirà a fuggire verso isole paradisiache, ma divisa, per sicurezza in due gruppi.

La Casa di carta: 3 e 4 parte

Nella seconda stagione la banda si riunisce dopo che Rio viene catturato dalla polizia. L’unione del gruppo torna a essere protagonista. Per salvarlo organizzano un nuovo colpo: rubare l’oro e i segreti del governo nella Banca di Spagna. The idea predates the events of the State Mint and is by Berlin and Martin, who will become Palermo. The gang, pretending to be part of an army platoon, succeeds in a moment of total confusion in which banknotes were falling from the sky of Madrid, to enter the Bank and take hostage about forty people used by Lisbon and the Professor, to bargain the liberation of Rio with the ruthless Inspector Sierra and they will succeed. From this moment on, things begin to take an unforeseen turn. Lisbon and the Professor are discovered and in the daring attempt to escape, the former inspector Murillo is captured. Sierra, will make the Professor believe that Lisbon is dead, but he will understand that this is not the case and will "save" her by having her rejoin the others inside the Bank where Nairobi will die at Gandia's hand. The Professor, exasperated, makes public the video of Rio's torture, so Sierra, responsible for what happened, is removed from the command and discovers the Professor's hiding place and then, we will see the rest on September 3.