COVID-19, coming digital health passport with app

The latest EU measure to start traveling again in the time of COVID-19: coming digital health passport in app format and how it works

The digital health passport will soon arrive and will be viewable via app. The confirmation comes directly from the European commissioner responsible for vaccines, Thierry Breton, who presented a facsimile of what will be the final version, ready according to the forecast for next June.

The digital health passport was presented during the program "Le Grand Jury", by Lci, RTL and Le Figaro, where the head of the task force in Brussels has shown some prototypes waiting to be able to discover the final version live. Breton explained how the passport will work, as well as the type of information it will contain on Covid-19. For the commissioner, the document will be the way to allow to resume the flow of travel within the territory of the European Union, especially in view of the summer season on which many are betting to give new life to the economy of the whole area.

Covid-19, the information in the digital passport

In the digital health passport will be a QR code. Once the square is scanned, people with access to the data will be able to view some identifying information about the individual, such as name, date of birth and passport number. To these, then, will be added those related to the Covid-19 vaccination, that is, whether or not one has undergone inoculation and with what vaccine, whether one has been a carrier of the disease and the presence of antibodies in the body, as well as the results of molecular swab tests.

The same passport will be available also in paper version, with the same information reported in plain text inside the documentation for a quick consultation.

QR codes: what they are and how they work

QR code is the acronym of Quick Response code: they are small two-dimensional symbols that can be used to store small amounts of data or information. QR codes appear as small squares characterized by intriguing black and white geometric designs, which conceal information that can be read through special apps.

Using an app to read QR codes among the many available on Google Play Store or in the App Store, you will be able to discover the information hidden simply by opening the app and framing the code with the camera of your smartphone. A website link will open up that will lead to the information about what is being concealed. In the case of the digital health passport for Covid-19, the QR code from the simple reading will provide all the information relating to the subject and any vaccination from the virus.

Digital health passport, what it will be used for

During the speech, Breton stressed that it will be a document equal for all European Union countries, protected by the regulations in force in terms of protection of personal data. In addition, it will not be essential to be in possession of it even if, in its absence, airlines may require travelers to undergo tests before travel, in order to constantly monitor any new spread of the pathogen.

Digital Health Passport, when will it arrive

The digital health passport, as confirmed by the Commissioner, will be available in June, with a date already set on the calendar for the 15th of the month. If this is confirmed, the application would arrive a month ahead of the EU-wide herd immunity, which the commissioner predicted - should be reached in mid-July 2021.