Covid-19, il Green Pass sarà dentro l’app IO

Il certificato digitale Green Pass per il Covid-19 sarà integrato nell'app IO: a cosa serve e come funzionerà per gli utenti


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L’app IO custodirà il Green Pass, la versione digitale della certificazione vaccinale che durante l’estate che sta arrivando consentirà gli spostamenti all’interno del territorio europeo. The software will provide the document with a technological infrastructure that will offer verification even remotely, regardless of the momentary location of its owner, in a fast and effective way.

To confirm the transition from material to electronic of the important certificate is Massimo Mangia, an expert in digital health, in an interview with Repubblica. Starting from next July, the virtual evolution will allow the Green pass to be usable by any verifying body of the European Community, thanks to the adoption of the standards established by the European Health Network (Ehn). It will therefore no longer be necessary to carry out a visual inspection of the paper that ensures compliance with the criteria imposed by the regulations in force, with the risk of loss or deterioration of the support, but it will be sufficient to proceed with a quick scan of the digital Qr code present in the certificate to allow the police and not only a timely control, with no possibility of error.

Green pass on IO app, how it will work

Used to access major public services, both nationally and locally, the IO app has recently been in the news for state cashback. Now, the app available for free for smartphones equipped with Android and iPhone operating systems extends the pool of its functionality by becoming a witness in the fight against Covid-19.

As pointed out by Mangia, IO will not necessarily be the only app to contain the certification obtained through the completion of the vaccination cycle, recovery from coronavirus infection or swab showing the absence of the current disease. It could in fact be joined by Immuni, created for the purpose of tracking infections in the previous pandemic phase.

Green pass digital, a seal against fraud

Of course, the technological way is a strong deterrent to falsification of certifications, much easier through the use of a sheet of paper than with a special app connected to a central platform. Sogei, the technological company of the State, has been called to set up the connection point for all the information. It will have to create a system that will be able to sort and convey the information received from the vaccine registry and the results of the tests, with the identification represented by the health card.

A digitally signed certificate will ensure the truthfulness, free from external tampering. When the Qr code is read with a special instrument, those who are called to check will be able to examine the integrity of Sogei's virtual "seal", avoiding any kind of visual contact with the complete documentation.

All this will be integrated from July with an enormous structure at European level. Although the data will remain in the nation of origin, the other countries will be able to access the vaccination information of the Green Pass for operations once the citizen is on foreign territory.

Green pass on IO app, requests from the Privacy Guarantor

Before that, however, it will be necessary to pass the controls of the Privacy Guarantor who, already for the management of the certificates in Italy, has requested time for verification. It will be necessary, as a first step, to establish a key method to guarantee the transparency of information while protecting the user. It is fundamental to focus on the validity of the certificate and not on the vision of the information by those who will carry out the verification.

To this, then, must be added the need to find an agreement with other nations on the terms of validity of the pass. The last aspect touches above all the question of buffers, which needs a unified time indication for recognition. There are still many points to be discussed while waiting for the summer, so all that remains is to wait and see what the next decisions will be.

Green pass, what it is for

As communicated several times through the main information channels, the European Green pass will act not only as a free way to move on European territory, limiting or blocking the travel restrictions so far imposed to keep the spread of the virus under control, but also as a tool to perform some actions in derogation of the "color" of the regions.

If, abroad, it will play the role of a pass to avoid quarantine measures, swabs on arrival and departure and days to devote to self-isolation, in Italy it will allow to move between regions even in the event of the return of orange or red areas, to access nursing homes for the elderly and to take part in wedding parties that will be reintroduced from June 15, always in line with the regulations in place.

In the future, however, it could also be indispensable for other types of events, such as those in discotheques and concerts with a larger audience than is currently foreseen (500 in indoor facilities and a thousand outdoors). It is therefore a measure in the making that, already in the next few months, could change its face and become even more useful to be able to return to live everyday life as in pre-Covid times.