Cristiano Ronaldo disappears from Fifa 19

With the latest Fifa 19 update Ronaldo disappears from the initial animations of the game. Is it a normal generational change, or is there something else?

That the relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and the men of EA Sports this year was not born under the best auspices was quite evident. The move from Real Madrid to Juventus at the beginning of July, in fact, has forced American designers and developers to change the cover, introductory video and several aspects of the structure of the game.

The scandal involving the Juventus star in the United States, then, has prompted Electronic Arts to disappear for a few days the cover of Fifa 19 from its official website, raising more than a few doubts about the continuation of the partnership of the Portuguese player with the U.S. developer. Doubts further strengthened with the latest update of Fifa 19, released to make changes to the Ultimate Team mode and some teams in the Premier League. This, at least the official announcements: poking around in the game (but then not so much) it turns out that Cristiano Ronaldo is "disappeared" from Fifa 19.

Because Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer in Fifa 19

The football simulator par excellence, in fact, has literally redone the makeup, going to change all the animations, images and some parts of the graphical interface. And, as you may have guessed, Cristiano Ronaldo no longer appears in any official image. According to EA Sports official statements, it is a "normal" mid-season change, dictated by the developments of the Champions League, but it is a justification at least singular. In place of CR7 we find a trio formed by de Bruyne of Manchester City, Neymar of Paris Saint German and Paulo Dybala, teammate (and attacker) of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Behind what appears to be a normal generational change, however, there seems to be much more. To weigh on the choice of the U.S. developer's top management, say some analysts, would seem to be the latest scandal involving Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker has recently closed a deal with the Spanish tax authorities: CR7 cuts a check for 18 million euros and the accusations of tax evasion that have been chasing him for years are definitively dropped.