Cristiano Ronaldo presents the trailer of the Fifa 19 demo

The Juventus star on his Instagram page announced the release of the Fifa 19 demo, here's how to download it on our console or PC

The Fifa 19 season is just around the corner: Cristiano Ronaldo, main testimonial of EA Sports' football simulator, announced the release of the official demo of the game with a video on his highly followed Instagram profile.

Thanks to the demo, which yesterday knocked out the PlayStation Store servers, we could test (even if only in part) the many new features that Fifa 19 brings with it. Starting the quick game, for example, we could test the new gameplay of Fifa 19, even in the Champions League, new entry among leagues and competitions that gamers can play with consoles and PC. Since this is a trial version, the Fifa 19 demo lacks many of the most anticipated features, such as custom rules, which allow you to play with particular goals, such as scoring only on the volley, not conceding goals to avoid losing a random player and so on.

How to download the Fifa 19 demo

For now you can download the Fifa 19 demo on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. At the moment, however, the Fifa 19 demo is not available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3 or even Xbox 360. You can download the demo by going to the stores of our consoles or computer and follow the on-screen procedure. In the demo we will be able to use for a Champions game only a small number of clubs: Juventus, Roma, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund.

How is the new Fifa 19?

After the demo the most passionate gamers of sports video games started with comparisons against the 2018 version. Fifa 19 has a better graphical aspect but there has not been a significant leap from the previous year's version. The discourse totally changes when it comes to the game-play. Fifa 19 is played quite differently from Fifa 18. An important change that so clear was not seen for several years. Let's start with the contrasts, compared to the past, the computer does prevail players based on their characteristics. There is less randomness then in the various game clashes. Stop and ball control are completely different thanks to the new Active Touch function. Totally revolutionized the shooting system with the new "finalization time", in practice by pressing twice the button for the shot at the time of impact with the ball we can direct the ball to perfection in the opponent's goal, on the contrary if we anticipate or postpone the double touch the shot will be noticeably affected. There is also the novelty of Dynamic Tactics, which allow us to act directly in the field, without having to interrupt the game for small tactical changes. FIFA 19 in its full version will be available from September 28, 2018 in the standard edition and from September 25 in the Champions and Ultimate editions.