Croz, the digital camera that you build yourself

Croz is a small camera that is sold in a kit: you build it yourself. It costs just over 100 euros and takes good quality pictures

Building any electronic device by yourself is every man's dream. Home DIY has a unique appeal and at least once in his life a man has tried to build something by himself. Now technology lovers can enjoy building Croz, a very small camera that must be assembled directly by the user.

The idea is really very original: the camera is sold in a kit that contains all the various pieces: sensor, lens, chip and body. The user will have to follow the instructions and assemble the camera. Croz is not a device dedicated to professionals, but for those who travel a lot and are looking for a small camera that doesn't take up too much space. Logically, the components are not top of the line, but they allow you to take good pictures. The body is completely transparent and allows you to see every single element of the camera.

The camera features

Let's start with the most important element: the photo sensor. Croz mounts a 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor. Nothing exceptional, but for photographing monuments, beaches or churches is more than acceptable. The lens, on the other hand, is made by the same company that produces them for Apple devices. There is no LCD reader and you will have to rely only on your eye to see if the shot is good. The photos are saved on the SD card and then can be downloaded to your computer to decide which one to delete. In the case where the SD card also integrates the Wi-Fi function, the photo can be sent directly to your PC and uploaded to your social profiles. The camera works with two normal AAA batteries. Croz is already available on the market and can be purchased at a price of about 120 euros.

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