Cubibot, the world’s smallest 3D printer

Small, cheap and very easy to use: here is Cubibot the 3D printer that can be used anywhere, in the office, at home or in the factory

Developing 3D printing in recent times is becoming increasingly accessible. Both in terms of cost and ease of use and availability of materials. Soon, this technology could invade every field. From the most advanced industries to offices and homes.

This new 3D printer was launched on the famous crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and in a short time has exceeded the initial goal that was 150,000 dollars. So much so that at the moment the device has collected about $500,000 in funding. The reason for this great success? Simple, Cubibot is a 3D printer that costs only $ 149, at current exchange rate just over 120 euros. What's more, Cubibot is small not only in price but also in form. Because it's so small, this 3D printer fits easily in your home or office and is very easy to transport

Cubibot Features

Not surprisingly, it was announced on Kickstarter as the world's most compact printer. Cubibot also has cloud printing and a dedicated app. Using the printer is really simple. Just upload a design or a project to start printing. . At the same time, however, Cubibot is compatible with very complex functions, programs and apps that allow the printer to be used to make prototypes and industrial projects. The printer makes objects with a resolution between 50 and 300 microns, with a printing speed of up to 80 millimeters per second. Shipments won't start until early 2018.