Current, the hiking backpack with included charger

Current Bag is a line of backpacks that are perfect for hiking, but their selling point is the look that fits a person's lifestyle

Jack Perkins and Eric Anwar - the two California-based founders of the startup Current Bag - took a little look around. Smartphone owners definitely appreciate a backpack with a built-in charger. They are usually very technological and functional models, but definitely not very attractive from a fashion point of view.

And they said that the eye wanted its part too. So they combined their talents and set to work to produce a line of backpacks capable of recharging the various devices we never part with. The first models of the collection - currently on KickStater in search of funds to go into production - are the Classic and Move that, if the crownfunding campaign goes well - most of the backpacks have already sold out - should already be available from next August. Maybe already in time for the summer vacations.

How are the Current Bag backpacks

Current Bag - as mentioned - started the collection with two different models: Classic and Move. The Classic backpack features a 10,000 mAh charging station and comes with a sleek look that won't look out of place if you're hitting the beach (or vice versa) after a business meeting. This model is made of water-resistant nylon to protect your devices and a polyurethane-coated base to protect the bag from scratches and unsightly scuffs. The back padding is breathable to make the backpack more comfortable to wear even for several hours, while two leather buckles add some style. Inside, the bag has two soft polyester compartments to house and protect a laptop and tablet. The pockets are large and there's room for sunglasses, passport, coins and more.

Move, for hiking enthusiasts

The Move backpack, on the other hand, is designed hiking enthusiasts and you can also tell by the sportier look compared to the Classic model. It is made of water-resistant polyester with water-repellent zippers, breathable back padding for greater comfort and compartments specially designed to carry a bottle of water. The interior of the Move model is lined with soft polyester to protect your devices from scratches and several compartments to accommodate a tablet, notebook and four additional pockets. The integrated 5.000 mAh charger can charge a smartphone twice and a tablet once. Both models are up for pre-order on KickStarter at discounted prices: $130 (about 120 euros) for the Classic backpack and $90 (just over 80 euros) for the Move backpack. The first shipments, as mentioned, will begin next August.