Dangerous old people: when Saviano’s new series arrives

A new docuseries arrives on Sky that will feature the lives of criminals after they serve prison time. What happened and how to be reborn

Indingo film has created, under the direction of Giuseppe di Vaio, a docuseries that will focus on the lives of criminals once they have served their sentences. It will tell the life of murderers, robbers and drug dealers who, after surviving themselves and the prison, try to have a normal life.

The idea of Dangerous old people is of one of the most talked about and criticized Italian authors of the last years: Roberto Saviano. Writer of important novels, among which Gomorra, of which we expect the whole anticipation in the finale of the kermesse CanneSeries in a few days. With Dangerous old people, the director Di Vaio, will explore the lives of those who had a childhood and adolescence that often left no choice about who you can be: a criminal swallowed up in illegality. Stories, raw, of real criminals who for decades have seen and known only the jail: in a few days tells us Sky.

Dangerous old people: plot

What we will see in Dangerous old people are true stories of men who have survived themselves and the prison and tell themselves. Murderers, robbers, gangsters who have literally burned their existence in the cell, but have managed to survive and tell their stories. There will be four episodes that from September 25, with a weekly appointment, we will see on the platform Sky Documentaries channel 102 and 402. The perspective will be new: in the four appointments will be marked the various stages of life from childhood, youth, maturity to get to old age, the current condition of the protagonists, in which some form of wisdom emerges unprecedented. The fierce criminals know how to give their experience after a lifetime spent almost chasing a normality denied by the place of birth.

The episodes

We start with the first episode in the Naples of the 50s: difficult childhood, poverty is the reality, where if you want to survive your future is called smuggling. Children who live in the streets and handle knives and who will soon know the reformers.

Episode number two catapults us into the seventies. The time where boys and girls fall in love and come to have children too soon: before they themselves can grow up. In order to make a living, they start stealing and robbing: money that becomes easy and makes you live the good life. Dreams seem to come true, everything is colored in gold.

In the third episode the eighties arrive and the criminals are no longer free to do what they want: the time of the mavericks is over and the rules of the Camorra make themselves felt strongly. For many of them in this decade will inevitably come the jail. Years of jail that consume the soul. 20 or 30 years of imprisonment that are hell.

In the fourth and final episode, what remains of these women and men after all those years behind bars will be revealed. They will find their children, whom they had left behind as children, grown up and already parents: perhaps they will be grandparents. What are these human beings now, what do they think of the life they were forced to live before jail?

The appointment for the first episode of Dangerous old people is set for 9 p.m. on September 25 on Sky Docuseries and streaming on the NOW platform.