Dangerous smartphone radiation, how to defend yourself

The California Department of Public Health has released a document containing some tips to reduce the effect of radio waves from smartphones

Is the smartphone bad for your health? A question that many have tried to answer, but without ever being able to find a unanimous agreement on the issue. A new element of discussion and evaluation has been added by the California Department of Public Health (comparable to our Ministry of Health).

The CDPH has in fact released a sort of handbook for the use of smartphones (but also applicable to other devices that use radio waves) so as to reduce exposure to energy and radiation produced by our communication devices. A guide that, to the ears of many, sounds like an alarm bell and would confirm the theory that cell phone radiation is dangerous and the smartphone is bad for your health. To be fair, the California department's document does not state with absolute certainty that radiation is dangerous, but it does call for moderate use of smartphones.

Who the CDPH smartphone radiation document is aimed at

The document, reads the introductory message, became necessary due to the increasing use of smartphones and mobile devices by children, pre-teens and teenagers. Although the scientific community has not reached consensus on the risks of using mobile devices, research suggests that heavy and prolonged use of cell phones can be bad for health. "There are strong concerns," says Dr. Karen Smith, who heads the Department of Public Health, "that prolonged exposure to the radio waves and energy emitted by smartphones can cause harm to people's health, especially young children. Fortunately, by putting in place some simple behaviors you can reduce the negative effect of exposure to radio waves."

How to reduce the effects of exposure to radio waves

First of all, when possible you should avoid keeping your smartphone near your body and do not keep it on the bedside table near your bed while you sleep. Don't forget, then, that the emission of energy due to radio waves is greater when cellular signal coverage is less: if you are in an area with poor service or almost completely absent, keep your smartphone "at rest" until you return to an area adequately served. To reduce the effects of exposure to radio waves, it is advisable to avoid watching videos or streaming music or downloading large files. Finally, text rather than make calls, and if you really can't help yourself, use earbuds (including Bluetooth).