Daniele Bossari is the Boss of Paranormal, the mystery series on Dmax

The second season of DMAX's successful show is coming. Here are the details.

After the successful first season, Daniele Bossari returns to the scene of the crime, or rather the mystery. The TV and radio presenter, who had led another similar program, entitled Mystery, is now called to present the second season of Il Boss del Paranormal.

The new show delves into a long series of paranormal phenomena recorded in various parts of the world, some better known others less so. The second season will be available as a preview on the streaming platform Dplay Plus, while from January 5 it will be broadcast on DMax. Daniele Bossari, episode after episode, will accompany the audience to discover apparently unexplainable events that have shaken public opinion around the world, from alien sightings to manifestations of ghosts and spirits, but also haunted houses. In short, the second season promises to be breathtaking and full of mysteries to explain and solve.

The Paranormal Boss: What the second season will be about

Daniele Bossari will lead the audience through evocative and mysterious settings. The journey will lead the users to the discovery of unexplainable events happened around the world. We will talk about haunted houses, séances, rituals, abandoned castles, cemeteries, potentially harmful ghosts and alien forms from distant planets. In a few words, the common thread will be as always the paranormal.

Among the novelties of the second season stand out the testimonies of the viewers of the program who will be able to send their contributions live and have a real analysis of what they experienced. The "boss" Daniele Bossari will therefore investigate any kind of phenomenon.

Frames and unpublished videos will be analyzed, which show closely what happened. Bossari, together with his audience, will try to understand what it is about, investigating with advanced technologies. The objective is to try to read the episodes objectively, understanding whether they are hoaxes or authentic revelations.

The program is filmed inside the Hotel Campo Dei Fiori in Varese, a cult location, which was the setting for Luca Guadagnino's film Suspiria, a remake of Dario Argento's famous masterpiece.

The paranormal boss: when will it air

The paranormal boss is composed of 8 episodes of sixty minutes and is produced by Discovery Italia. It will air in first TV from Tuesday, January 5 on DMax, which is visible on channel 52 of the Digital Terrestrial.