Dark 3, released a new trailer for the TV series: available from June 27

On June 27, Dark 3, a TV series halfway between science fiction and thriller, will be released on Netflix. Here is a summary of the plot and what to expect from the finale

Dark - The Secrets of Winden debuted on Netflix in 2017 and already from the first season managed to capture the attention of the audience. It is a sci-fi thriller created in Germany by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. In the last few days, the streaming platform released the trailer of the third season, announcing that it will be released on June 27.

The TV series, set in the small town of Winden, is about the mysterious disappearance of two children and focuses on the search of the police and the community. These events will uncover a series of dark mysteries that tie the four main families in the town together. Season after season, the plot has been articulated by introducing new characters and science fiction themes. And that's why the arrival of the third seasonĀ is so important: it will allow to understand all the mysteries that characterize the plot. Here's what happens in the first seasons and what to expect from Dark 3.

How did the first season of Dark end?

Dark has glued the audience to the screen since the first season, which ended with the protagonists catapulted into four different historical moments: 2019, 1953, 1986 and 2052.

In 2019 Charlotte found in a newspaper an article from 1953 about Helge's kidnapping, at the same time Jonas made the space-time door capable of crossing parallel worlds arranged in different historical eras. Thanks to this Jonas is able to communicate with Helge and is transported to 1986 and Jonas to find himself in 2052 within a post-apocalyptic scenario. In short, since the first season, time travel has definitely been one of the main elements of the TV series, seasoned with horror themes such as child abductions, unsolved murders and arcane present, in short, huge doubts.

Dark 2: what happens and how does it end?

The second season turns out to be more intricate than the first. It deepens the events that take place in 2052, which had characterized the finale of the first season, and in 1921.

Jonas, framed in 2052, discovers that in 2020 there will be an apocalypse and is committed to saving the earth, to do so he tries to communicate with the other characters, also scattered in different eras, and will travel through time discovering, also in this season, more mysteries and bloody events. In the second season, the fates of Winden's four families will become even more intertwined and especially the town's nuclear power plant will become even more central and explain, in part, some of the main mysteries of the plot.

The last episodes of Dark 2 introduce two new themes: the Higgs boson, or God Particle, which allows the characters to travel through time. This particle is synthesized inside the Winden nuclear power plant. The second theme that is introduced at the end of the second season is the multi-verse, or the presence of other possible worlds. This is in addition to the concept of time travel that characterizes the entire series.

Dark 3: what does the trailer tell us?

The third season of Dark was announced on May 30 and since then fans have been trying to figure out how the plot will evolve. A fundamental contribution was given by the trailer published on the Netflix Twitter account. Right from the start it is clear that the new Martha coming from a parallel world will play a very important role in the final season of Dark, because it will allow to understand how the world originated. The relationship between Martha and Jonas will still be at the center of the plot, but next to this also stands out the story of Claudia, who has an ambivalent role: it is not clear whether she is on the side of the good guys or the bad guys, and surely it will come to an end always in the last season.

In short, the wait is almost over: finally you can watch from June 27 on Netflix, on any device: computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV and console. The important thing is to have the subscription and download the app of the video-streaming platform.