Dark Sky, what changes with Apple’s latest update

First update for the Dark Sky weather app since it was acquired by Apple: it's now much more integrated into the iOS operating system and works well on the Apple Watch as well.

Dark Sky, the weather app recently acquired by Apple, receives its first useful update since its acquisition by Cupertino HQ. With some interesting new integrations, mainly dedicated to Apple Watch, the app begins the integration phase with iOS.

In eight years of honorable career, the Dark Sky app has managed to make its place among competitors thanks to its attractive design, enough to allow it to win the Apple Editors Choice, and the ability to receive alerts in case of imminent rain. Apple purchased the weather app this year, in March. Once under Cupertino's wing, Dark Sky started to undergo some changes, both from a purely functional point of view and from the graphical aspect, in order to be perfectly integrated into the latest version of the Apple operating system, iOS 14.

Dark Sky, what's the latest news

With the latest update released just a few hours ago, Dark Sky provides a new complication for Apple Watch completely dedicated to the new version of the operating system, watchOS7. Also, in case the location feature should have been disabled, the application will allow the display of a new location-related icon.

Other new features in version 6.8.5 is a fix for a bug that caused the weather page to show up twice when saved after a search in "Recent Searches" and an improvement in stability and performance.

Dark Sky, when will it be released outside the US?

Dark Sky is currently only available for purchase from the US App Store for a retail price of $3.99. However, it is possible to take a look at some of its features, given Apple's choice to integrate some of the application's functionality right into version 14 of its operating system. These include one-hour rain alerts and severe weather alerts.

Dark Sky, Apple vs. Android

Since Apple's acquisition, Android users have unfortunately had to give up their version of the app, which stopped working just last summer. The same goes for Dark Sky's API, which was closed for new customers last March but, according to the agreement, still working until the end of 2021.