Darkness at noon: where and when to see the solar eclipse

The date for June 10, 2021, when the Moon will give rise to an annular eclipse. Darkness at noon: where and when to see the solar eclipse.

An annular (or total) eclipse of the Sun is scheduled for June 10. It means that the Moon will overlap the disk of fire of our star leaving uncovered the edges and creating a giant ring in the sky, resulting in the darkening of the sky, despite the lack of clouds and the non-night time.

The striking phenomenon comes almost a year after the previous total eclipse of the Sun, the one of June 21, which was visible from central Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, China and the Pacific Ocean.

Once again, astronomical calculations allow experts to anticipate not only the day and time of the total eclipse, but also the region of the Earth from which the celestial circle will be observable.

Which countries are we talking about?

Where will the solar eclipse of June 10 be visible

Including Italy, unfortunately, which, however, as we will see in a moment will still be affected by the phenomenon of the eclipse. A complete overlap between the Moon and Sun will be observable from the North Pole, Greenland, Canada and northern Russia. A strip located north of the Northern Hemisphere and moreover scarcely inhabited. But, as we said, even some Italians will be able to observe the overlapping of the stars and the consequent blurring of the light of the Sun.

From where it will be possible to observe the total eclipse in Italy

In some areas of Italy it will be possible to observe a partial solar eclipse. It means that our country will not be within the cone of shadow, but in the cone of penumbra. With appropriate goggles, it will be possible to see the Moon enter the solar disk without overlapping completely. Compared to the annular solar eclipse, the partial solar eclipse lasts a longer time.

The alarms should be fixed at 11:35 for those who live in Milan (and more or less at the same time for those who are in the North): the eclipse will be visible for about an hour and a half, with the maximum extension at 12:18 (always from Milan) and for only 3.5% of the solar disk.

For those who live further south instead no hope: a line can be drawn in correspondence of Florence. Below the Tuscan capital there is no possibility to see the astral show.

To the fans of planetary phenomena we point out that Italy is about to reach Venus together with NASA and that the Earth gains and loses weight every year, and since it loses more it is destined to disappear in a time that scientists have been able to calculate.

Giuseppe Giordano