DayUse, the site to book luxury hotels for a few hours

Developed by a French startup, the service allows you to book rooms by the hour at prices that in some cases can be reduced by 75%

You're abroad and need a meeting room that matches your company. Or you're looking for a room in a hotel that's comfortable and centrally located without spending a lot of money. Let's say you only need it for a few hours. Unfeasible? Absolutely not., a French startup created in 2010, has come up with a sensational idea that allows you to rent a hotel room for a limited time and most importantly at a 75% discount. And not just a hotel room, either. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the service offered by the transalpine company is that the rooms can also be found inside luxury structures. Do the names Marrion and Hilton mean anything to you? These are some of the most prestigious hotel chains. The service offered by is active in many cities and in 20 countries, including Italy, and includes, according to the data provided by the startup on its website, 4000 hotels.

How DayUse works is also interesting for another reason. Compared to other booking platforms, offers the possibility to book without a credit card and pay directly at the hotel. And that's not all. The system of the French startup allows you to cancel your reservation free of charge, even at the last minute. Rooms can be rented for a limited period of time, according to the requested time slots, obtaining a discount that, as seen, can be up to 75%. The functioning of is very simple. You choose the city, the day and the preferred type of hotel. There are budget, luxury, business and other hotels. And finally you select the room. is also accessible through smartphones, via the app available for both Android and iOS. The startup is growing fast, as evidenced by the growing revenues and the number of hotels that have joined the platform's circuit.