DAZN, a free month for all customers: how to get it

DAZN offers a free month to all its direct customers: to activate the promotion you need to follow a simple procedure. Here's how

Also DAZN, as done by Sky and other video streaming services, launches its own initiative to cope with this particular moment that Italy is living. The video-streaming platform offers to all its customers a month's free subscription: the initiative started in these days and in the coming hours will be contacted all members.

This is not, however, the only action put in place by DAZN. To cope with the famine of sporting events (the championship of Serie A and Serie B is stopped, as well as all major European leagues, in addition to MotoGP, cycling and tennis, sports present in the schedule of the online broadcaster), DAZN has decided to launch two new programs and propose to its customers a selection of the best matches of recent years. A strategy already used by other sports broadcasters and that is giving good results: in complicated times you have to reinvent yourself to offer new content to millions of people forced to stay indoors.

To get the free month of DAZN, however, just follow the procedure described in the email that in these hours is arriving to subscribers. Here's how to do it.

How to activate the free month of DAZN

A free month for all subscribers: this is DAZN's initiative to cope with the period without sports events due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19. The on-demand platform is sending an email to all its subscribers with the steps to follow to get the 30 days free. To do this you must open the link of the page in the email and enter the access codes. To do this you have until May 4.

At this point, you must enter your email address with which you subscribed to DAZN and within 48 hours you will receive a code to get the free month. The code is valid until April 30, 2021. The initiative is reserved only for direct DAZN customers and not for those who take advantage of the Sky promotion.

DAZN, two new formats available online

With Serie A stopped, basketball, MotoGP, tennis and cycling stopped indefinitely, the offer of sports content is practically zero. That's why DAZN has launched two new formats that accompany subscribers to the platform every day.

DAZN Calling is a program hosted by the main face of the company: Diletta Leotta. The journalist interviews the main faces of Italian sport in videoconference: from Gianmarco Pozzecco to Francesco Totti, passing through Manuel Bortuzzo and Alex Zanardi.

DAZN Homeworks, instead, tells the daily life of players and athletes in this period of quarantine. Each day a new video with workouts and images of daily life.

How to activate DAZN after April 30

After April 30, 2020, the offer of a free month is no longer valid. However, it is still possible to activate a DAZN subscription after consulting the latest offers on the platform's official website. The standard subscription provides the ability to watch DAZN content with 2 devices simultaneously (and connect up to 6 devices). The user, if he wishes, has the option to cancel the subscription when he prefers.