DAZN confirms the refund: how to get it

With a second official note DAZN explains that it has chosen the method to compensate its users "impacted" by the problems during Sampdoria-Napoli and Lazio-Torino: here's all the info

After the announcement, very stringent to tell the truth, of a compensation for all those who have experienced problems during the viewing of the matches on Thursday, September 23, DAZN confirms with a further official note: it will offer a free month to its subscribers. But not to everyone, because the platform reiterates that the refund will be due "to all users affected".

The second note of the company, therefore, is once again very vague on who will receive the free month, but specifies that "continues the dialogue and discussion with the Lega Serie A in an unchanged climate of collaboration and transparency. It is also explained how to get the refund: the procedure will start from the company and not from the user, not everyone will be able to ask for the free month but DAZN will grant it to users who will consider "impacted" by the problems. And for problems, it should be noted, are intended only those encountered during Sampdoria-Napoli and Lazio-Turin on Thursday, not those that users have had in the previous four days of the championship.

DADZN refund: the official note

Here's what has officially communicated DAZN about the possible free month: "In relation to what happened during the games of 18.30 on September 23, DAZN confirms that all customers affected or those who have not been able to access the APP until the restoration of service, will be able to enjoy a month of viewing at no additional cost."

The crux of the matter is that "until the restoration of service", because not all users have had the same problems, for the same duration: some have lost the first half almost entirely (over 30 minutes), others only a quarter of an hour of the game. Will the free month be granted to everyone?

DAZN refund: how to get it

This question will be answered by DAZN itself, because the announced procedure to get the free month starts from a move of the platform, not of the user. It will be DAZN, in fact, to send an email to users who it believes have been "impacted by the problem".

The email will contain a link, which the user will have to click. The email will contain a link, which the user will have to click, and the user will arrive at the user's profile page, where there will be the option to redeem the free month.

DAZN on digital terrestrial

In the last hours a new hypothesis has started to circulate to solve the problems for many DAZN users: the transmission of the DAZN A Series matches on digital terrestrial, as well as in streaming. This possibility, at least at the moment, is only a journalistic hypothesis and has not been confirmed or denied by DAZN that, however, already transmits on channel 409 of digital terrestrial some matches.