DAZN doesn’t work, what is the error code 78-000-034 or 78-000-403

Many users can't get into their DAZN account because of the error code 78-000-034 or 78-000-403: here is their meaning and how to solve

The problems don't seem to end for DAZN, the new on-demand platform that exclusively broadcasts 114 Serie A matches, three for each championship round. After the inefficiencies recorded by users during the live broadcast of Lazio - Napoli, the first match broadcast by DAZN, new problems have been reported before Napoli - Milan, another big match broadcast on the platform.

Many users who connected to DAZN before the start of the match, found waiting for them a message with an error code that read " SOMEBODY DID NOT WORK We're sorry, there is an error on DAZN. Please try again. (Error code: 78-000-034)" or "SOMEBODY DID NOT WORK We're sorry, there was an error on DAZN. Please try again. (Error code: 78-000-403)". The problem has affected a fairly large number of users both among those who were using the app for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, and among those who had accessed the DAZN site through the browser of the computer.

What are the error codes 78-000-034 or 78-000-403

To admit the problems is the same DAZN on its Twitter profile "Dazn Help Ita", where the employees of the platform respond to requests for help from users. On the afternoon of Saturday, August 25, a message appeared that read "If you are experiencing error 78-000-034 or 78-000-403 on your device, try logging out and logging back in to the DAZN App." It is not known why one of these two error codes appears to users, but to solve it seems to be enough to log out and login again. In reality, this is not the case: even if you do this, the problem persists and you cannot access the content of the platform.

Also, the problem seems to affect devices randomly: our DAZN profile may not be accessible from computers, while from smartphones and tablets (via the application) you can use it without encountering any error code 78-000-034 or 78-000-403.

Problems during Napoli - AC Milan on DAZN

In addition to the malfunction that does not allow you to access your DAZN account, some users on Twitter have complained about the classic problems that have plagued the platform so far: continuous reboots of the streaming, very low quality of images and slowdowns during the live broadcast. It must be said, however, that the problems have been numerically lower than last week and the service is slowly improving.