Dazn on the satellite, coming a new channel on Sky

Dazn is ready to land on Sky's satellite: a dedicated channel with all the best of the platform's programming will be launched in September

Dazn is ready to land on Sky's satellite platform. The rumors leaked in recent weeks that gave for certain the closing of the negotiations between the streaming platform dedicated to sport and the satellite network of Rupert Murdoch to unify the offer related to the Serie A Championship. The news has not yet been made official, but the agreement between the two parties has finally been reached: Dazn will have a dedicated channel on Sky reserved for subscribers of pay TV and streaming service, a single channel where you can see all the Serie A matches.

The debut of the channel of DaznĀ on satellite should take place in September, in particular during the third day of the Serie A championship, and will be inserted in the numbering "200" as is the case for other Sky channels dedicated to sports. The Dazn channel will not only broadcast soccer matches, but also other important sporting events and in-depth analysis that are still being defined.

Dazn: the dedicated channel on Sky

There is no doubt, the arrival of Dazn has changed the cards on the table by upsetting the rules of the Serie A rights, rights that in the past were entirely in the hands of Sky or Mediaset Premium. Like last year, for the 2019-2020 season during every single day of the championship seven matches have been assigned to Sky and three to Dazn. Sky's new channel will allow the unification of the offer related to the Serie A Championship, making available all the matches of the top series on a single platform, making life easier for fans and enthusiasts, no longer forced to navigate between two different subscriptions and two different services.

Dazn on Sky: the advantages

After last year's controversies and inconveniences encountered by Dazn subscribers and related to the poor quality of streaming and buffering problems, the agreement between the English platform and the satellite giant for the birth of a new thematic channel has been positively received. Dazn hopes to free up some bandwidth by diverting some of its subscribers to the satellite platform, especially during the most popular matches, as well as gain new users still reluctant to use streaming services, but also reach those areas that still do not have good internet coverage. Sky, for its part, will be able to have all Serie A matches visible on a single platform, notwithstanding that Dazn is already present in the Sky offer for those who have Sky Q (but must still be subscribed to the on-demand platform).

Dazn on Sky: how to access the new channel

The methods of access to the new channel by Sky users and Dazn subscribers have not yet been made known, nor the expected prices. There is talk of the possibility of a direct sale made by Sky or the launch of a special subscription that would make it possible to access the satellite channel. We just have to wait for the official announcement to find out all the details of the new commercial operation.