DAZN, the Netflix of soccer to see the A Series in live streaming

Perform after winning part of the television rights of the A Series will allow users to see three matches on digital platforms for 9.99 euros per month

The auction for the television rights of the A Series has brought not a few novelties in the Italian television landscape. On the one hand, no offers have arrived (at least for now) from terrestrial satellite operators; on the other hand, the top soccer league has landed on the web with a channel exclusively dedicated to live streaming of the A Series.

The English of Perform, in fact, have purchased one of the three packages at auction (the other two ended up in the hands of Sky, which already allows to see the Serie A live streaming on the SkyGo platform) and intend to bring also in our country DAZN (you can read from zone), renamed by all as the Netflix of soccer. On the streaming platform will be broadcast at least three matches per week, but it is not certain that in the coming weeks will be able to further increase its offer. In addition to these three matches per day, Dazn will also broadcast the highlights of all the matches of each round of Serie A.

What is DAZN and how it works the Netflix of football

As if it were a normal broadcaster to pay, to see the Serie A live streaming with DAZN will need to subscribe monthly (just like Netflix) renewable according to their needs. Dazn will be available for subscribers on different platforms: smart TV, tablet, smartphone, PC and game console. Perform at the moment has not yet put on the various digital stores the official applications to see the Serie A matches in streaming, but it is not excluded that they will appear in the coming days. Soccer fans, however, can still find out all the details by going to the official website of Dazn.

How much does Dazn subscription cost

Dazn is a platform very similar to Netflix. The subscription is monthly and you will be able to withdraw at any time with a few clicks on the account. Just like Netflix, the first month will be free while from the second month the cost will be 9.99 euros. Those who sign up will be able to watch the subscription with a friend or relative, as Dazn works simultaneously on two devices.