Dazn writes to subscribers: here’s who’s entitled to compensation

The platform has apologized to customers and has prepared €20 vouchers that can be used on third-party providers such as Google, Apple and Amazon to remedy some inefficiencies of last week.

With an email to its subscribers, Dazn apologized for the inefficiencies encountered in the viewing of Sampdoria-Napoli and Torino-Lazio last week and promised a 20-euro voucher for users "usable on the Digital Store of your third-party payment service provider under the conditions applied by it." The problems during the matches had lasted about 35 minutes. The voucher should only be requested by those users who make payments through third-party providers (such as Apple, Google and Amazon).

Dazn's email to users

"We know that on Thursday 23 September between 18.30 and 19.00 you experienced difficulties accessing our App. We apologize for what happened - is the communication sent by the video streaming service - and, as announced late Thursday afternoon, in addition to having acted promptly to resolve the issue, we have decided to compensate all customers who have suffered the disruption. For this reason, we are offering you the opportunity to request a free voucher worth 20 euros to be used on the Digital Store of your third party payment service provider under the conditions applied by the latter. To request your voucher click below and agree to receive the voucher on the dedicated web page by 01/11/2021".

Who is entitled to compensation

The voucher is directed only to users who make payments through third-party providers, while for others it is not necessary to activate the refund process. The latter have already received a free additional month in subscription. In the email about the refund there is a link to request compensation, once you click on the button a screen opens where Dazn confirms that "you will receive within 7 days an email with the voucher and instructions on how to use it. If you do not receive the email - it says - or if you experience technical problems, you can contact customer service". Many people, however, seem to have found inefficiencies in the activation of the voucher. Dazn explained that the traffic peak recorded after receiving the refund email, with many users who activated the procedure at the same time, may have caused a block of the system that can be solved in a few hours. Subscribers who were unable to request the voucher were advised to wait a few hours and try again to complete the operation. After about two and a half hours from the receipt of the communication everything would be working properly again.