Defective iOS 10.1.1 update: battery drains right away

In some cases it goes to less than 50% charge after a few minutes after powering on, in others instead the Applephones suddenly turn off

Bad news keeps coming for Apple customers. Many users in recent hours are having problems with the iPhone battery, after the latest update to iOS 10.1.1. The update, had been launched just to fix some bugs found in the previous version.

Usersers are complaining mainly for two reasons. First, since they downloaded the new operating system, the battery of their smartphones lasts much less. Second, some iPhones are shutting down despite having more than 30% charge left. And once put to recharge, the battery indicator of the applephones always remains at 30%. Several models are affected, as emerges from the comments that customers have released in recent weeks on the official forum of the Cupertino company: the bugs have occurred on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus. Also taking a look at the complaints of Apple users, some found themselves with a nearly dead battery after a few minutes after turning on the device.

Same problems

This is not the first time that Apple has been put under accusation for the battery. This kind of problems had already occurred in previous versions of iOS as well. In fact, some users had experienced bugs in iOS 8 and iOS 9. The possible causes of the problem continue to remain shrouded in mystery. A few days ago, however, the Californian company had launched a general recall for a limited number of iPhone 6s. The problem encountered by owners of this iPhone is always the same: some models suddenly turn off. Cupertino has promised to replace the phones' batteries for free and to reimburse all users who had faced the repair at their expense.