Delete your presence on the Internet with a single click

Two Swedish researchers have created the site that allows you to delete every account and every trace of our presence on the Web with a single keystroke

It is a choice against the trend but that more and more people are thinking of putting into practice: delete your presence from the Internet. Many are concerned about their freedom and privacy, but deleting the trace left on the web is not easy. Or maybe it is, now all it takes is a click. the site to delete our presence on the Net. We have already seen that the path to erase all our traces from the Internet is a complicated and winding one. Over time, the information we have left on social networks, e-commerce sites, email inboxes and so on, are almost indelible signs of our passage on the Net. Yet now it could be much easier to leave the Internet, thanks to two Swedish researchers, Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck, who have created A portal that in just a few steps erases most of the data we have left scattered on the web over time.

How it works

When we access with our Google account the service scans and catalogs all the applications connected to our profile. Once the search is done, the site presents us with a list of all the social networks and apps where we have our own personal account. Next to each service we would find some indications on how to move. Basically a few items to choose from based on the action we want to take. If we opt on all for delete, we will delete in one click our presence in that particular service. This is also a service that helps all those who are not tired of the Internet but only of Social Media. Spesso abbandonarli è un impegno di tempo e fatica, in questo modo invece con qualche click abbandoneremo ogni social network.

Cancellarsi da Facebook non è difficile

Se, invece, l’obiettivo è abbandonare Facebook, non c’è da fasciarsi la testa. Pur non esistendo servizi analoghi a, il social network di Mark Zuckerberg permette agli utenti di abbandonare la piattaforma con apparente facilità: bastano pochi click per dire addio a post, condivisioni e like. Basta sfogliare la gallery che segue e il gioco è fatto.

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Come cancellarsi da Facebook? Scoprilo sfogliando la gallery