Didacta the digital school

Lenovo, together with Microsoft, will present a series of new devices designed for school and learning at the second edition of the Didacta Italia Fair

On the occasion of the Fiera Didacta Italia 2018, the second edition of the international event dedicated to the world of education and supported by Indire (Istituto Nazionale Documentazione Ricerca Educativa), held in Florence from 18 to 21 October 2018, Microsoft and Lenovo presented some new hardware and software solutions for the innovation of the school system.

During the Fair, it will be possible to participate in simulations of educational environment inside the classroom set up in Lenovo's booth and also experience the potential of virtual reality in learning methods. Lenovo in recent times is devoting itself very much to the world of school, as evidenced by the new software designed for classroom management, and called LanSchool V8.0, which allows you to improve collaboration between students and teachers and monitor in real time the progress of the same students. The software is currently in use on more than 12 million devices worldwide and encourages student concentration and engagement in a digital learning environment.

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500

Lenovo during the Florence Fair will also present the new ThinkSmart Hub 500, a 2-in-1 computer with an 11.5-inch display and 360-degree swivel based on Windows 10 operating system. The device allows teachers to easily and intuitively manage lessons, even remotely, from a single interface, thanks to the ability to connect students locally and remotely to lessons organized on Skype and to share any type of content.

Lenovo's devices for students

Lenovo has also made two 2-in-1 devices, which can then be used as a tablet or a laptop when needed, designed to facilitate students to take notes and study in class. We're talking about the Lenovo Yoga Book and the Lenovo Ideapad D330. 

The Virtual Reality Lessons

As mentioned Lenovo has collaborated with Microsoft to create virtual reality tools designed for educational learning. The Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality visor allows you to access the Microsoft Office suite, browse online or work on a shared project in a virtual environment. With lenovo and Microsoft's VR visor, you can also view 360-degree educational films and 4K video. Inside the Lenovo and Microsoft booths, pupils will also find a special version of the video game Minecraft: education edition. A school edition of the popular video game that lets them learn about and explore new worlds in an immersive and engaging environment, helping students acquire digital skills and develop creativity and skills such as collaboration and problem-solving