Die With Me, the app that only works on low battery

Born as a dating app, Die With Me has turned into a messaging app. The goal is to bring people together live

Special apps on online stores are a dime a dozen, but finding others that are the same as Die With Me is very difficult indeed. It is the first application that can only be used with a low battery: it activates with less than 5% charge left.

But what is it? Die With Me is an application developed by a Belgian programmer and was initially conceived as a dating app. But over time it has transformed itself, becoming an instant messaging app. But compared to the various WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat, it only works when the battery power is less than 5%. The other peculiarity concerns the people you start conversing with when you launch the app. In fact, you don't get in touch with your friends, but with unknown users who are in the same situation as you are: your smartphone battery is low.

How Die With Me works

Die With Me is a rather meager application. And that's normal. In order to be able to work on smartphones with practically no battery at all, the functionality must be minimal. After launching it, you have to enter a nickname and you can start chatting with people you don't know. In many respects it resembles Chatroulette, a website that was very fashionable in the past years, and that made you meet people from all over the world. Apart from the possibility of sending text messages, Die With Me offers no other functionality. You can't send photos, videos, or make video calls.

Near each message you send, the app reports the remaining battery power. The purpose is to entice users to talk about concrete things and skip the classic pleasantries. Maybe make an appointment (if you live in the same city) and get to know each other in person. Die With Me was born as a dating app, and although it has changed its nature, the goal is still to bring people together in real life.

The risks of Die With Me

Like all instant messaging apps that connect people you don't know, Die With Me hides risks that you need to be able to recognize. In fact, we don't know anything about the person with whom we are talking and we can't exclude that it is a malicious person. Before giving our home address to a stranger, it is better to think twice. And understand from the answers he gives us if it is a deranged person.