Digital domicile at the start, good opportunity to open a PEC box

With the establishment of the digital domicile, the PEC becomes even more useful: communications from the PA will arrive directly to our PC

The work of digitalization of the Italian Public Administration continues. The last piece of the puzzle was inserted at the beginning of September 2017, when the Council of Ministers gave the green light to the new Code for Digital Administration and, with it, to the establishment of the digital domicile for all residents in our country.

A somewhat surprising move, compared to the roadmap that the same Executive had given itself initially. The digital domicile, in fact, was supposed to arrive together with the finalization of the Single Registry of the population (a mega database that collects the personal data of all Italian municipalities), but the Government has obviously preferred to anticipate the timing. This does not mean that from tomorrow everyone will have to communicate the digital domicile: the reform provides that the system will be fully operational by the end of 2019. There is still time, in short, to establish what is your digital domicile and, in this sense, the PEC is the "most likely suspect".

What is it and how does it work the digital domicile

So as the address of your home is - usually - also the address where we receive all postal communications, the digital domicile will represent our digital mailbox in which to receive communications and notices of all kinds from the Public Administration (from simple communications of your municipality of residence until the fines). The digital domiciles will then be collected in a single index, created by the Agency for Digital Italy, which PAs will be able to access to find the addresses of those concerned.

How to create a digital domicile

As specified in the new Code for digital administration, the digital domicile is a certified e-mail address on which citizens can receive communications from the PA. In short, to the many advantages that the PEC already offers, another one is added: it will allow to open an even more direct and constant relationship with the Public Administration, allowing also to save time and money. In case of notification of a fine - just to give an example - it will be possible to receive the communication in one's own PEC box, without having to queue at the Post Office to collect the letter. Once the digital domicile has been created, the citizen can communicate it in two ways: by authenticating with the credentials of the SPID or the National Services Card or by checking the modalities indicated by the individual local administrations on their institutional portals.

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