Digital terrestrial: a rain of news from north to south

Many channel shifts in a few days for regional MUXes and local broadcasters: here's who has to retune, from North to South.

The dance of frequencies of Italian local TVs broadcasting on digital terrestrial frequencies continues. In the last few days there have been a lot of changes, both in the North and in the South of Italy, and therefore many Italian viewers need to retune their TVs or decoders.

In fact, among the changes there are new channels added, others eliminated and others moved. Re-tuning is therefore useful to realign the LCN numbering and to see all broadcasters without problems. Already in recent weeks we have witnessed numerous changes, some of which concerned the same MUX we are talking about today: the movement of frequencies of local broadcasters, provided by the roadmap of the transition from the old first generation digital terrestrial to the second generation, then proceeds quickly.

Digitale terrestre: tutti i cambi di frequenze

From Sicily to Bolzano, the movements of channels and frequencies are really many in recent days. Starting from Southern Italy, in Sicily we point out that on MUX Tremedia channels Rei 1 (LCN 89), Rei 2 (LCN 622) and Telespazio Messina (without LCN) have been eliminated, while in MUX 7 Gold Sicilia 99 and in MUX Retecapri Sicilia the broadcaster Video Mediterraneo (LCN 11) has been inserted. Remaining in the Retecapri MUX, two inactive channels have been eliminated: Alice and Marcopolo.

In Lazio, in the Teletibur MUX, the broadcaster Paci Contemporary Channel (LCN 622) has been inserted while in the Gold TV MUX the broadcasters Lazio TV (LCN 12) and Gold TV (LCN 17) have both switched to the 16:9 video format. Still in Lazio, but in the Telepontina MUX, the broadcasters Europa TV 6 (LCN 292) and Amici TV 1 (LCN 298), both duplicates of Supernova TV, were added. In the Channel 10 MUX, Channel 10 Sport (LCN 615) was eliminated.

In the Tele In MUX, however, the six Tele In channels returned to broadcast: Tele In (LCN 93), Tele In Info (LCN 285) Tele In+ (LCN 626), Tele In Music (LCN 691), Tele In Sport (LCN 692) and Tele In Fashion (LCN 693).

Moving on to Northern Italy, instead, there are changes to MUX Studio 1: the broadcaster La 9 Nord (LCN 76) has been added, as well as its duplicate called La 8 (LCN 81). In the Canale Italia MUX the broadcaster Italia TV 2 becomes Italia 141 (LCN 141) and Italia TV 3 disappears.

In Trentino Alto Adige the broadcaster Videobolzano 33 moves to the RAS MUX 3, but keeps the LCN 10.

Digital satellite: news on Tivùsat

Small changes also in Tivùsat's digital satellite offering: the HD channels of VH1 (LCN 22), Spike TV (LCN 26) and Super! (LCN 47). These are all broadcasters dedicated to a younger audience.