Digital Terrestrial, big changes in the center

Four MUXes in two regions have disappeared, all scrapped, while two new broadcasters are arriving in an interregional MUX: the new DVB frequencies.

In just a few days there have been many changes in the panorama of Digital Terrestrial television frequencies, with 4 regional MUXes that have been definitively shut down with the consequent scrapping of frequencies. News also in the interregional MUX Retecapri, in which two new broadcasters arrive. This time the regions involved in the changes are two, both in central Italy: Umbria and Tuscany.

In the past weeks, however, MUXes were switched off in Sicily (MUX Rei TV, Tremedia and Telesicilia), Sardinia (MUX TV Europa and TCS Tele Costa Smeralda), Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont (MUX La 9, Via EMilia TV and Quintarete). Progressively, therefore, the process of shutting down many regional MUXes continues, which, at its end, will lead to a completely different arrangement of the frequencies assigned to Digital Terrestrial television broadcasts. All this just a few months after the first major step of the Switch Off: the compulsory transition of all broadcasters (or at least those who had not yet done so voluntarily) from the old MPEG 2 encoding to the more recent MPEG 4.

Digital Terrestrial: the scrapped MUXes

In the space of a few days four MUXes have been switched off and scrapped: the MUX 8 Toscana, the MUX Trg Teleradio Gubbio, the MUX Italia 7 Toscana and the MUX Retesole Umbria.

The MUX 8 Toscana transmitted the channels TV1, Grande Italia, TV1 HD, Toscana Live, Canale 71 Toscana, Italia 7 and Canale 10.

The MUX Teleradio Gubbio transmitted the channels TRG, TRG1, TRG2, TRG-RGM, TRG+1 and TRG4.

The MUX Italia 7 in Tuscany broadcasted Canale 71, Odeon 24, Italia 7 HD, Videosport24, Italia 7, Gastone Nencini (the only Italian broadcaster entirely dedicated to cycling), Sesta Rete, Regione TV, Canale 10 and Telecampione (which, as usual, also broadcasted part of the schedule of the Swiss Italian TV).

The Retesole MUX, finally, transmitted in Umbria the broadcasters Retesole, Retesole Sport, Tele Umbria DT, Retesole 1, Retesole piĆ¹ and Retesole Cineclub.

Two new channels on Retecapri

The last news of this week in the Italian DVB panorama is the arrival on the Retecapri MUX of two new channels: Epiqa and WNC. The first, at LCN 151, is a sports channel while the second, at LCN 246, broadcasts the schedule of religious TV Maria Vision.