Digital terrestrial, eliminated some channels from July 1: what are they

From July 1, some digital terrestrial channels have been eliminated, while others have undergone changes in the schedule. Here's what they are

Still more changes, in preparation for the switch off to Dvb-T2, among the channels broadcast on digital terrestrial: from July 1, several channels have been eliminated and it is therefore necessary to retune the decoder or TV to resynchronize the LCN (logical channel number).

The changes concern the Mux Mediaset 1, Mediaset3, Dfree, ReteA1 and many channels have lost their numbering and several ghost signs have appeared, inviting to retune the frequencies. Some channels eliminated or moved were those of radio stations, such as Radio 105 TV, R101 TV, Virgin Radio TV. Others are those of Sky Cinema and Premium Cinema. In short, there are many changes, as with every reorganization of the digital Mux but, as usual, a retuning is sufficient to return to see the surviving channels while waiting for all this, in June 2022, to end with the final transition to the new system of the second generation of digital terrestrial television.

Changes Mux Mediaset1

The National Geographic channel (458) closes on Mux Mediaset1. Sky Cinema Per Te 1 (471) and Premium Emotion (465) also close. At channels 464 and 465, Premium Cinema 2 and Premium Cinema 3 arrive, respectively. These are the same changes that have also taken place on the satellite, where from July 1 Premium's cinema channels have been replaced by Premium Cinema 1, Premium Cinema 2 and Premium Cinema 3.

What's changing on the Mux Mediaset3

Changes that impact above all the radio channels. On the Mux Mediaset3, Radio 105 (157), R101 TV (167) and Virgin Radio (257) will be closed, while Mediaset Extra will move to channel 55. The three radio channels are transferred with the same LCN on the Mux DFree.

Changes Mux DFree

The channels Premium Energy (464), Premium Comedy (466) and Premium Cinema 1 (463) are closed on the Mux Dfree. If you try to tune in to these channels, a message appears on the screen warning you that you need to tune in to see them again. But in reality they have changed name or have been cancelled.

As already mentioned, Radio 105 (157), R101 TV (167) and Virgin Radio (257) arrive.

Mux ReteA1 changes

The Mediaset channel has been renamed to Mediaset Extra-Provisional and has no LCN. Zelig Sport - Provisional also closes. Also in this case, those who try to tune in to the channel find a sign warning of the change of frequency and the need to retune the television.