Digital terrestrial, from May 1 the new channel Alma TV: how to see it

Alma TV is a new channel of digital terrestrial debuting on May 1 at number 65. Here's how to see it and what is the programming

The digital terrestrial is enriched by a new channel: from May 1, 2020 on channel 65 will debut Alma TV, with content dedicated to Italian traditions, starting from the kitchen and the architectural beauty of the Bel Paese. The channel is the result of the collaboration between Alma Media and the Sciscione Group and will broadcast the best of the Alice and Marcopolo channels, already present on digital terrestrial (numbering between 221 and 224).

The new channel, in fact, is not a real novelty in the digital terrestrial panorama: channel 65 already aired a selection of the best programs of Alice and Marcopolo, but only from 21:00 to 10:00 the following morning. Oltre ai contenuti già trasmessi sui due canali, Alma TV ospiterà nuovi programmi realizzati appositamente per l’occasione. Il tema sarà sempre lo stesso: cucina, viaggi, avventura e cultura. Insomma, il meglio che l’Italia può offrire.

Alma TV: programmazione

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Una programmazione ampia e variegata, che coprirà l’intero arco della giornata con i migliori contenuti di Alice e Marcopolo e con nuovi programmi creati appositamente per il lancio. Questa a grandi linee la programmazione di Alma TV, il nuovo canale che debutterà il 1 maggio al numero 65 del digitale terrestre.

Viaggi e cultura, cucina e ricette, questo sarà il filo conduttore dei programmi di Alma TV. Reports and documentaries will be broadcasted, as well as how-to videos for cooking with ancient and traditional Italian recipes. The objective is to (re)discover the beauty of Italy and enhance our cultural fabric.

For the debut of Alma TV there will also be two new programs: Pillole di Sapori, in which sportsmen and VIPs will prepare recipes related to their lives, and Bekér on tour dedicated to the world of butchery.

Where to see Alma TV

Alma TV will be available on channel 65 of digital terrestrial television. In order to watch it on your TV set, you won't need to do anything, not even to re-tune the channels, but you'll just have to wait for the beginning of broadcasting on May 1st (in fact, the channel already hosts some programs and is active).