Digital terrestrial: here are the channels that change LCN and where

Digital terrestrial is about to swich-off to the new DVB-T2 standard with new changes to the channels of two regions: here is where to retune the decoder and what changes.

Modifications and news continue to arrive from digital terrestrial, in particular for the local channels of some Italian regions. In particular, in Lazio and Sicily, new changes have been made to the composition of local muxes, resulting in LCN numbering changes or slight changes to channel names.

The new changes are just the first of many others that could arrive in the coming weeks, especially as the start of the switch-off to the new DVB-T2 standard, i.e. the second generation of digital terrestrial, approaches. The process which began towards the end of 2020, thus comes into full swing from January 2021 and will only end on June 20, 2022, the date when the switch-off of the first generation DVB-T signal is expected in the last regions. For this reason, the advice is to periodically retune your smart TV and keep your decoders up to date, so that you can hook all the incoming news as the swich-off goes on.

Digital terrestrial: LCN changes in Lazio

The local changes of digital terrestrial reported in Lazio concern in particular four channels. At position 246 of the Mux Telepontina a new channel with a religious background, called Maria Vision, has been inserted. For the Teleambiente channel at position 78, however, there is only a slight change in the name to TeleAmbiente.

The channel Gary TV 1 has taken the place of Travel TV at position 112 of the digital terrestrial, while at LCN 151 there is the channel EPIQA, which is still inactive and tuning in you will only see a black screen.

Digitale terrestre: LCN changes in Sicily

The other region where local changes of the digital terrestrial have been reported, requiring the retuning of channels, is Sicily and concerns the composition of channels M8x 7Gold Sicilia 99.

The channel Ant. Mediterraneo HD arrives at position 514 and is the duplicate in high definition version of the already known channel Ant. Mediterraneo present at LCN 14. In detail, the HD variant broadcasts using the H.264 codec.

The name change is for Teleone at LCN 19, which becomes Tele One 19, while its high-definition version Tele One 19 HD arrives at position 519.