Digital Terrestrial, new changes to the channels: what changes

New numbering change for several Digital Terrestrial channels: here's what to do to continue watching TV

Decoders and TV re-tuning in sight: after the changes on the various Muxes of the terrestrial ditial occurred over the weekend, in order to properly view the channels involved will need to rescan. This is the latest wave of changes, which began in recent days and which led to the change of position or elimination of some channels.

We often talk about retuning of digital terrestrial channels but not many people know what is actually a Mux. The word itself is an abbreviation of the term Multiplex and indicates the technique used for the transmission of signals picked up by digital terrestrial. Each television operator active on the Italian territory owns one or more Mux, to be used for its own broadcasts or to host other broadcasters according to agreements between the parties. When, usually, a channel stops being received by the decoder, whether external or internal to the television set, it is because changes have been made to the Muxes, which can be resolved in most cases by tuning that allows the channels to be hooked up in their new position.

Digital terrestrial, the changes on Mux Canale Italia 1 and TIMB Mux 3

The changes on the Mux Canale Italia 1 concern the numbering. Italia 155, a channel that broadcasts in H.264 format, enters at position 155. Galaxy TV 2, on the other hand, moves from channel 158 to 170. End of broadcasting, as far as TIMB Mux 3 is concerned, for TV8 Provisional, which continues its free-to-air programming on Mux Mediaset 1, joining the group that already includes the Sky TG24 and Cielo channels.

The latter is also undergoing changes, given that in the next few hours it is expected to switch to DVB-S2 for satellite reception. Starting from midnight on December 14, 2020, Cielo will broadcast on the dish in high definition, thus requiring an update of the channels also on their receivers.

Digital terrestrial, changes on Rete A Mux 1 and Rete A Mux 2

Those who tried to tune in to the channel dedicated to Sky TG24 Provisional could see the sign showing the change of frequency and the need to retune the receiver. With the change from Rete A Mux 1 to Mux Mediaset 1, it is in fact necessary to upgrade in order to continue to follow the broadcasts of the network dedicated to news.

Change of the guard for position 230, available on Rete A Mux 2: after saying goodbye to iLike Tv, at the position it is now possible to view the contents offered by the broadcaster Donna Shopping.