Digital Terrestrial, the news at the beginning of May

May begins with several shifts for Digital Terrestrial TV broadcasters and digital DAB radio: here are the regions and the MUXes.

More news on the Italian Digital Terrestrial frequencies, where channels are being moved and MUXes are being switched off and scrapped according to the Switch Off roadmap to the DVB-T2 standard (here are the dates), which will start in September and continue until June 2022.

In the last few days, between the end of April and the beginning of May, several TV and radio broadcasters have had to move inside the MUXes of half of Italy, both in the North and in the South. The regions most affected, this time, are Sicily and Sardinia but there are also changes in Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta. Finally, to be reported also small news within the MUX Rete A2, that being a national MUX transmits throughout Italy and then is visible in almost all the territory of our country. Here are the news Region by Region, both for radio and TV.

Digital Terrestrial, news in Sicily

In Sicily we point out a farewell and a technical change. The farewell is to the MUX TVM Tele Video Market, scrapped and switched off. The historical broadcaster TVM from Palermo is still visible on the MUX 7Gold Sicilia, while its duplicate TVM1 disappears. VideoSicilia, another TV that used to broadcast in the MUX TVM now switched off, has also found a place in the MUX 7Gold Sicilia.

Always in Sicily, then, in the three MUXes Retecapri, TeleONE and 7Gold Sicilia, the TV station Tele One 19 now broadcasts only in high definition, so it can no longer be tuned in with older and technologically obsolete TVs and decoders (here are the technical info to buy a future-proof TV).

Digitale Terrestre, le novità in Sardegna

Sardinia is another Region where many channels have changed in the last days, also radio and not only TV. Within the MUX Sardegna 1, for example, Matex Sardegna 3 and the TV of Carbonia Canale 40 have arrived. The broadcaster Sardegna4, present at number 641, is now a duplicate of Sardegna1. The same programming is also carried by two other channels: Sardegna5 (LCN 642) and Sardegna6 (LCN 643).

As far as radios are concerned, we would like to point out the arrival of Giornale Radio and the change of name of Radio Carbonia, which is now called Megaradio. Radio Sardinia has closed its doors.

Digital Terrestrial, what's new in the other regions

In Northern Italy, within the interregional MUX Studio 1 (Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta), Giornale Radio TV changes its number from 268 to 261, while Donna Shopping Fascino TV disappears.

In the national MUX Rete A2, on the other hand, Channel 263 and Channel 268 have arrived. The latter, however, is nothing more than a duplicate of Channel 162.