Digital terrestrial to be retuned: which channels have changed

Digital terrestrial is preparing for the switch off to the DVB-T2 version in 2021 and more channels are changing: which ones are to be retuned

As the final switch off to the new version of digital terrestrial approaches in 2021, the changes to the channels continue. Four channels of the HSE24 package are changing both frequency and name and, in order to see the new features, users will most likely have to retune their decoders.

The switchover to the DVB-T2 version of digital terrestrial broadcasting involves the addition of new channels and changes to the frequencies and characteristics of existing ones, with some channels changing name and offer. In particular, the HSE network, thanks to the switch off, will duplicate its channels, also diversifying the offer of TV programs in the different time slots. For those who own a Smart TV, it will be sufficient to update the decoder and retune it to enjoy the new channels. Those who own an old TV set, on the other hand, will be forced to buy a new model that supports the new digital terrestrial.

Digitale terrestre: changes to the HSE24 package

The main digital terrestrial news for the weekend of February 13 and 14 concern the HSE network, which broadcasts on the TIMB Mux 1 and RETE A Mux. There are four channels in the package subject to changes, especially in the name that sees the addition of the GM logo, the abbreviation for "Great Moments". A change that reflects the network's new motto: "Great Moments of Shopping 24 hours a day".

The GM channel HSE24 is broadcast in standard version at position 37, while the high definition version can be accessed at channel 537. HSE24 Donna is broadcast at position 137 on Rete A Mux 2, but under the name GM24+1. Still on Rete A Mux 2 but at channel 237 is GM24+2, which is the new name of HSE24 Beauty. The new channels GM24+1 and GM24+2 are therefore duplicates of the main channel broadcasting the same contents, but respectively deferred by 1 hour and 2 hours.

Digital terrestrial television towards switch off: the test for TVs

The switch off of digital terrestrial television to the new DVB-T2 standard is set for September 1, 2021, the date on which most channels are expected to have made the necessary changes, and will be completed by July 2022. Not all TV sets will support the new standard and for this reason users have been informed for some time about what features are required.

There is a very simple test to do to check if your TV set supports the new standard or not: just tune in to channel 200, which is the test for Mediaset, or channel 100, which allows you to do the Rai test. If you see the static screen with the words "Test HEVC Main10", then the TV you are using is compatible with the new digital terrestrial. If, on the other hand, you see a black screen or the channels 200 and 100 are not present, then your TV is not DVB-T2 enabled and you will most likely need to buy a new device.