Digital terrestrial: two novelties in Lazio

Broadcaster movement in Lazio, where a new broadcaster from Brescia arrives and the duplicate of Canale 10 disappears. Here are the details.

For a few days now, digital terrestrial TV viewers in Lazio have had access to a new television channel, transmitted on the Tele In and Teletibur MUXes. It is a broadcaster from Brescia: Paci Contemporary Channel. The arrival of this new broadcaster in Lazio is the latest movement recorded in the Italian regional frequencies.

About a month ago the national frequencies of the HSE package changed, it was the turn of Mux Quenza 1, Quenza 2 and Telelibertà in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, about ten days ago there were movements on Mux Studio 1 in Piedmont, ten days ago there were movements on Mux Studio 1 in Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Valle d'Aosta and, finally, at the beginning of March the Sicilian broadcasters Telecolor and Video Mediterraneo changed frequencies, within the Mux Antenna Sicilia, Sicilia Channel, TCI, Mediterraneo 1, Onda TV, CTS, Tele Video Agrigento and Video Sicilia. Now it's the turn of Paci Contemporary Channel, which has just arrived in Lazio on the MUX Tele In and Teletibur at LCN 622 flanked by the logo of Teleroma 3. The same station can also be seen via satellite, on Sky, at LCN 809 and via Internet on its website and on YutTube.

What's on Paci Contemporary Channel

Paci Contemporary Channel is a private broadcaster in Brescia linked to the art gallery Paci Contemporary. That's why it has a schedule completely dedicated to art, including photography, and to telesales of works of art. The Brescia-based TV broadcasts both live and recorded programs, among which there are also interviews with artists and gallery owners.

Although having a purely commercial programming, therefore, Paci Contemporary Channel also offers popular programs.

Eliminated Canale 10 Sport

For a station that arrives in Lazio, one goes away. But it was a duplicate: Canale 10 Sport, duplicate of Canale 10, was in fact eliminated from the Canale 10 MUX, where it occupied LCN 615. This duplicate had arrived in February, but it had already been inactive for a few days and broadcasting on black screen.