Digitsole, the smart shoe that ties itself

Designed by an American company, the Digitsole are also equipped with smart sensors, useful to monitor the quality of walking and to reduce injuries

Technological innovation could not fail to touch even the shoes, which have become not only more comfortable, but above all intelligent. This is the case of Digitsole Smartshoes, an American company that has developed a pair of sneakers with truly amazing features.

The shoes, which take their name from the start-up that designed them, are able to tie themselves. How? The device, the Digitsole are above all a technological object, includes a motor, placed on the back of the sneakers, which allows a mechanism to open and close. To activate it, you just need to press a button on the dedicated application. The shoes, in fact, connect to the smartphone through Bluetooth. And that's not all. The Digitsoles are very useful to know the amount of calories burned or the number of kilometers traveled. And if you're running late, the shoes will tell you to increase your pace.


The Digitsoles at the base have, as seen, a motor that controls the system that allows the upper to rise and fall. But the shoes incorporate other important technical elements. Inside the sneakers, in fact, there are advanced tracking sensors, similar to those found on most wearables, but with features that can understand whether the person is walking on the flat or climbing stairs. Data, such as calories, is calculated based on these parameters.

The sensors, then, can also monitor the wear status of the shoes, particularly the cushioning system. The information is sent directly to the smartphone. This way, users will know when it is time to change the sneakers. One of the most useful features is the one that allows analyzing the risk of injuries, based on the type of walking and the position of the foot.

Through the application, and the data collected from the shoes, users can know what steps to take to move better, reducing fatigue and physical accidents. In addition, the Digitsoles integrate a technology that allows to vary the internal temperature. Useful, especially in winter.

Price and launch date

Digitsole Smartshoes launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, one of the main crowdfunding platforms, which has now ended. The first models will be delivered from December 2017, with a starting price of $199, about 173 euros.

The video in the opening is taken from Kickstarter

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