Diodon, the inflatable and waterproof drone

Diodon is a drone built by a French startup that inflates and can be easily carried inside a bag. It's completely waterproof

We're used to seeing all kinds of drones: tiny ones for kids to learn how to control quadcopters, made from Lego, or designed to take pictures or record video. But until now, a waterproof drone that inflates had never been made by any company.

Diodon drone was developed by the French startup of the same name and was unveiled during the French special forces show SOFINS 2017, which takes place in Bordeaux. The drone immediately caught people's eye: the body, instead of being made of steel, is made of an inflatable material. As if it were a mattress, the drone can be inflated using a manual or electric pump and in just over a minute it is ready to take flight. Logically, the "heart" is technological and consists of six rotors that allow you to take flight and reach remarkable speeds.

Diodon drone features

Diodon drone was made in three different versions that differ only in size and battery life. The smaller model supports a weight of about 200 grams and can stay in the air for twenty minutes, while the larger version can carry up to 1.5 kilograms and has a battery life of 35 minutes. The drone features six rotors that are propelled by the electric battery located in the center of the aircraft. The drone can be easily carried inside the bag and can be inflated in no time thanks to the electric pump.

One-of-a-kind drone

The Diodon's unique features make it waterproof. It can land on rivers and lakes without any fear that the internal circuits will be damaged. You just have to make sure that the action cam that mounts on the side mount is waterproof. The drone from the French startup can be very useful in case of floods and emergencies. It is not known when the drone will be commercialized: to find out more you can contact the French startup directly on the official website.