Discord is down, app isn’t working today

Discord is down and players can't access their profiles and tools offered by the Voip app. Here's what's going on

Discord is down as of 11 p.m. March 16, 2020. The VoIP app designed for gaming communities is completely down around the World, not allowing fans to get in touch while playing online. In these days many applications related to the gaming world are giving problems due to the forced quarantine experienced by a large part of the world's population.

Mainly the youngest are spending on gaming platforms much of their time, flooding the network and sending down the most used services. Last night it was the turn of Xbox Live and tonight the problems seem to have hit Discord. In the last years the Voip application has become the reference point for millions of gamers who use it to talk while playing and to agree on the tactics to use. Technicians are working to solve the problem.

Why Discord is not working on March 16

In just a few minutes, hundreds of people have reported that Discord is down. The problem is also reported on the official site of the application and Discord assures that developers are working to solve everything as soon as possible. Already in the next few minutes or at most a few hours all users will be able to access their profiles again. We will keep you updated.