Discount codes: where to find them and how to use them

From Amazon to Asos: promo codes are beloved by Italian consumers. They allow you to save money and are very easy to use. Here's how to find them and use them online

What's better than buying your favorite items from the comfort of your home via e-commerce? Save money thanks to a discount code! Yes, after the boom in the United States, promotional codes are becoming more and more popular in Italy as well.

Contrary to paper coupons or vouchers, these tools are digital and can be used in online stores, including famous platforms such as Amazon, Asos and so on. Finding discount codes is easy: there are reliable websites that continuously update promotions and thus allow you to save money on any product. Here's how to find them and enter them correctly when buying online.

Where to find discount codes

There are many solutions to find a promotional code. The first is to rely directly on the online store where you want to shop. Many e-commerce in Italy periodically send exclusive discounts to their customers or offer a code to those who subscribe to the newsletter. Often arrive when you leave the cart: the e-commerce, to entice the user to conclude the purchase, applies a discount on products in the cart and sends it by e-mail. But the codes can also reach the customer via SMS or WhatsApp.

One of the easiest ways to find the perfect discount code is to rely on specialized portals, such as These sites are created precisely to collect and organize the promotions available in different e-commerce stores. Moreover, they often offer coupons provided exclusively by online stores.

There are also many apps for iOS or Android containing promotional codes dedicated to the Italian market. Just download the app and search for the discount code based on the type of product or e-commerce. There are also some messaging apps, such as Telegram, where you can find groups and channels aimed precisely at finding codes around the web and send them to all members.

Those who surf online, perhaps through the PC browser, can use Chrome extensions capable of scanning a website where you are browsing and find a discount code. Another solution is to rely on a search engine, such as Google: by entering a specific question, the engine returns all the sites, many even niche, where to find coupons to use immediately.

How to enter a discount code in an e-commerce

After obtaining the code, using it is really simple. The insertion of the sequence of numbers and digits happens when you are finalizing the order, then in the "Cart Page". In this page there is always the box where to insert the code. After having clicked on confirmation, the system immediately recalculates the total amount of the expense, showing the discounted price relative to the order.

To avoid bad surprises, it is always necessary to take into account the value of the discount and its validity, but also the eventual products for which the code is active. In fact, usually the promotion applies to particular items or even upon reaching a spending ceiling.

Amazon, Asos, Zalando and more: all the discount codes to find online

According to statistics, the easiest discount codes to find are those related to electronics, clothing, footwear and for consumer goods in general. Here are the ones most loved by consumers.

In first place we find Amazon discount codes, the most loved by Italian customers. We are talking about the most famous and well-stocked e-commerce in the world. Inside it you can find everything and it is characterized by an excellent customer service.

Next is eBay, which offers mainly periodic discount codes for specific product categories. They are usually announced on the home page of the site and last for a month.

Fashion lovers will not be able to do without Asos discount codes, a major e-commerce of clothing, footwear and accessories. The coupons are also valid abroad: for France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain.

Finally, you can find interesting promotions regarding, Italians' favorite website for booking and purchasing tourist experiences.