Disney+: all about February’s Star Original content

From science fiction to romance and horror: there will be 6 Star Original titles coming to Disney+, here are all the details.

Not only films and TV series for children and young people: from February 23 on Disney+ will be the new Star channel, with lots of content aimed purely at adults. At the time of launch, the platform will host 249 films, 42 TV series and 6 Star Original titles, i.e. produced by the company and available exclusively on the new channel.

The project was announced during the Investor Day organized by the company at the end of 2020 and is now finally about to become reality. Among the new features is the introduction of Parental Control: adults will be able to decide to enter a PIN for particular content, thus keeping under control the use by children. On the other hand, Disney+ was created as a container of titles for children and young people, who will be able to continue to watch their favorite programs on the Pixar, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic channels. The offer therefore also adapts to the tastes of parents and all adults subscribing to the service. Among the upcoming content there will be 6 Star Original titles. Let's get to know them better.

Big Sky: Star Original thriller TV series on Disney+

One of the titles coming to Star is the first season of Big Sky, a thriller that will be presented to the Disney+ audience with the first 16 episodes.

It tells the story of two private detectives Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt who join forces with policewoman Jenny Hoyt to search for two sisters kidnapped by a truck driver on a remote road in Montana. During the investigation they discover that they were not the only women to suffer such violence, but the list is long and the mystery deepens.

The Godfather of Harlem: Crime TV Series on Star Disney +

The second piece of content coming with the launch of the new Star channel is The Godfather of Harlem, a drama TV series produced in the United States.

The first season, divided into 10 episodes, tells the true story of the real-life crime boss Bumpy Johnson, who after 10 years in prison returns to his old neighborhood, now in ruins. Bumpy is confronted with the Italian mafia and in particular with the Genovese Family that has taken control of the neighborhood.

Helstrom: horror TV series inspired by Marvel comics

We come to the third title, namely Helstrom. This is a title produced for Hulu and based on two Marvel Comics characters. It is not a title designed for children, because the genre is horror.

The first season consists of 10 episodes and focuses on the lives of two characters: Daimon and Ana Helstrom, children of a powerful serial killer.

High Fidelity: a romantic series on Star of Disney +

In the catalog could not miss a touch of romance. And here it is served by the TV series High Fidelity, inspired by the film of the same name with the Italian title High Fidelity, which in turn is based on the novel by Nick Hornby.

It tells the story of Rob Gordon, owner of a record store, who with his employees talks of nothing but music and charts. Meanwhile, he analyzes his old love stories in a nostalgic way and then meets all his ex-girlfriends who reveal to him what was wrong with their relationship, until his first love Laura.

Love, Victor: teen drama arrives on Star

We continue to discover the Star Original content coming on February 23: among them there will be Love, Victor, a romantic teen drama.

The plot is about Victor Salazar, a boy from Creekwood High School, who during the series will be the protagonist of a journey to discover his sexual orientation.

Solar Opposites: TV series for those who love science fiction

The latest title ready to land on Disney + just like a spaceship on a new Planet is Solar Opposites, science fiction TV series. From February 23, 2021 will be available the first season, consisting of 8 episodes.

The plot centers on four aliens who land on Earth almost by accident. Their vision, external and objective, will allow to observe positive and negative sides of our Planet. They will talk about pollution, consumerism, about the fragility of man, but also about the sense of unity that often unites us.

These were the new Star Original exclusive content coming in February. All that remains is to wait until February 23 and discover the new Disney+ channel.