Disney+, all the content available at the launch in Italy

Disney+ will make its debut in Italy on March 24: here is the catalog with exclusives, TV series and all the movies present from the first day

It's just a little while until the launch of Disney+ also in Italy, scheduled for March 24. Of the new service of streaming content on demand now we know the programming from the launch date, and it is quite rich and with exclusive previews that will attract many potential subscribers.

A programming that, being able to draw from the immense archive of the Walt Disney Company and all the companies it controls (including 20th Century Fox, Pixar, Lucasfilm, National Geographics, Hulu, ESPN and Marvel Entertainment), will be a mix of first releases and great classics. There will be unreleased series, especially for kids and family, and also two Italian productions: Penny on Mars, already aired on other channels such as Rai, and The Knights of Castelcorvo which, however, is an original Disney production. All of this, as we learned a few days ago officially, will also be viewable on Amazon Fire Tv and, free of charge, on TIMVision for those who also have an Internet subscription.

Disney+: programming in Italy

As of March 24, Disney+ will make available to its subscribers over 30 Marvel films including Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Hero Project (exclusively). Star Wars lovers, on the other hand, will find all the movies of the saga already released at the cinema, the spn off and the unreleased TV series The Mandalorian. There will also be the animated series of Star Wars, such as The Clone Wars. Also available are all the films in the Pixar catalog, with masterpieces such as Wall.E, Toy Story and Monsters&Co, as well as unreleased Pixar series such as Vita da lampada.

For the first time ever, it will be possible to watch all episodes of The Simpsons, from the first to the last, on Disney+. Documentary lovers, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy the endless catalog of National Geographic as well as Free Solo, the Oscar-winning documentary that tells the story of climber Alex Honnold and Science Fair, which won at the Sundance Film Festival.

For the little ones, however, Disney+ will offer an even larger catalog from Mickey Mouse to Super Pygmies. Among the classics of Disney films that can be seen on Disney +, however, how not to mention Mary Poppins, Sister Act and Avatar to which are also added remakes of the classics, such as Dumbo in Tim Burton version.

Disney+: exclusive original productions

Exclusive programming on Disney+ has been very rich right from the start: in fact, in addition to the already mentioned Star Wars series The Mandalorian, there are the remake of Lilli e il Vagabondo, the High Scool Musical series and other series such as Il mondo secondo Jeff Goldblum, Encore, Float and Un giorno in Disney.