Disney +, how it works

Disney + is the new video streaming platform available in Italy. Here's how much it costs and how it works

Disney + is ready to make its debut in Italy. Since March 24, the new video streaming service is available in Italy and provides users with over 1000 content including movies, TV series, children's programs and documentaries. The operation of Disney + is not unknown to Italian users who are now familiar with the various Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. And these last two are the main competitors of Disney +.

The service is already available in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands since last November and has shown all its potential. Among the more than 1,000 pieces of content available are Marvel movies, Pixar animated films, original TV series such as The Mandalorian, all episodes of The Simpsons and National Geographic documentaries. There is no shortage of original and exclusive content that will be broadcast on Disney +. But the question that many are asking is: how does Disney + work?

What is Disney +

Disney + is the video streaming service of Walt Disney with content from the different properties of the company. Disney, in fact, in the last few years has acquired film companies such as Lucas Film, animation studios such as Pixar, and companies such as Fox, Marvel and National Geographic.

How Disney + works

If you've already used Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you won't have any difficulty using Disney +. The operation is the same: there are no channels to watch live as on RaiPlay or Mediaset Play, but only programs (movies, TV series, documentaries) to watch on demand when you want using one of the devices compatible with Disney +.

When you launch the application you are greeted by a screen with all the profiles registered on the account: the maximum is seven. Once you select your profile, you enter your personal area where you store your recently viewed content. Just click on the box dedicated to a film or a TV series to resume viewing from where you left off.

The content is divided mainly into five strands: Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic. By selecting one of the five boxes at the top you can enter sub-sections in which you can see with greater care what content is available.

The interface of Disney + is linear and clean: the scrolling of movies and TV series is done both horizontally (to see the content of the same genre) and vertically (to switch from one genre to another). Offline playback is also available: you can download an episode of your favorite TV series and watch it whenever you want, even if you don't have a connection. Besides, you also have the option of creating a list with all the favorite contents you'll want to watch.