Disney+, the anti Netflix is ready: price and release date

Disney+ is ready to debut: in the US it will open the bacteria on November 12 at a price of $6.99. Among the exclusives there will be Marvel TV series

It promises to be a scorching autumn for online streaming platforms, ready to wage war on Netflix to grab new market share and new users worldwide. Already announced in recent months, the fateful launch date of Disney+, the new and highly anticipated on-demand streaming service, is approaching. The U.S. company, after having acquired Fox, is finally ready to put a spoke in the wheels to its two bitter and fierce competitors: Netflix and Amazon.

And to do so, it doesn't mind half measures: for the launch of the new streaming service, it has ready new TV series on the characters present in its "roster": Marvel and Star Wars. In fact, with the acquisitions closed in recent years, Disney owns the rights to the most important characters in the video game world. And it is ready to use them as leverage to start immediately with a bang: Marvel TV series and Star Wars movies will be exclusive to Disney+ and in time will disappear from other streaming platforms.

Disney+: the new online streaming service

Everything is ready at Disney for the launch of its first platform dedicated to streaming movies and TV series. The debut is scheduled for next November 12. The first lucky users to be able to access the new service will be citizens of the United States and Canada, while in Europe, for now, only the Netherlands will have the privilege of being able to try exclusively the new online streaming service. The following week it will be the turn of Australia and New Zealand, while, at least for now, Disney's mouths are sealed on the spread in other countries, including Italy. According to the usual well-informed, the process of expansion of the new service will be accelerated in conjunction with Christmas. The intention of the American company is to cover the major global markets within two years of its launch.

Disney+: devices and prices

Disney+ will be displayed on smart TVs, smartphones, laptops, tablets and consoles and will supportĀ  iOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Chromecast and Xbox One. Absent, at this early stage, Amazon devices. In the U.S. will be available at a cost of $ 6.99 per month, or with only $ 12.90 you have the opportunity to access a single subscription that also includes streaming services of Hulu and ESPN +. A very interesting price for the American market because, at the same price of Netflix, Disney offers three different platforms with a single subscription. In Canada Disney+ will be available by paying 8.99 Canadian dollars per month or, alternatively, 89.99 dollars per year, while in the Netherlands the price will be 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year.