Do you remember the video game Pong? Now there is its living room version

Pong, the video game that made teenagers fall in love with the eighties is back and you can order it on Kickstarter and it costs about a thousand euros

Do you remember the game Pong by Atari. It is one of the first video games ever marketed and is a simulator, in some ways, of table tennis. For the teenagers of the 1980s, but not only, it was a true video game icon. And now it could come back in its own tabletop version.

A team of developers at the Table Pong Project has come up with a physical version of the famous video game. Obviously, the design has been revised in a futuristic and modern way. Although the main features of the video game will not be distorted but only faithfully reproduced. The table also has a whole series of lights that appear and disappear to indicate the results or to enhance the points made. As well as the various retro sounds typical of Pong. The project has received the official license from Atari and in addition to the home is designed for open-plan offices, bars and pubs and even game rooms.

How it works

To reproduce the magic of the game the table uses magnets, which allow the movement of the ball and the two "rackets". The minimalist design is faithful to the graphics of Pong. To move the two players will have to use a knob, very similar to that of the volume of radios, which will allow them to go up or down. The fun part, however, doesn't end here, because the table is designed to be a vintage instrument but with very modern functions. The table can turn into a useful shelf in living rooms or bars, and the game designs will disappear, or into a digital clock. In addition there are four USB ports to charge their smartphones and a speaker that can play music when connected via Bluetooth to a phone. The project is currently launching on Kickstarter and shipments are expected to start next November. If you are interested in purchasing at the moment the Pong table can be ordered at a discounted price. Although to bring it to your home it will still take 1000 euros. After the start of shipments, however, the figure will rise to 1600 euros.