Does charging the smartphone from the computer ruin the battery?

A more than legitimate doubt, especially for those who are always on the go and do not have a power outlet available. The answer, however, will leave many d

When we recharge our phone there are small precautions to be taken into account to prevent the battery from being damaged or go to lose in terms of efficiency. For example, it is better to remove the cover to avoid overheating. But there is a doubt that assails many users: recharge the smartphone from the computer is dangerous?

All of us, in the office or during breaks between classes at university, will have happened at least once to give a little 'recharge to the smartphone using the energy of a laptop, but also a desktop PC in a library or at home. At first glance, this is a harmless operation because sometimes we connect laptops and smartphones not only for a short charge but also to share files and documents. But some people have a doubt: because of the difference in the energy produced by the computer's USB port compared to the original charger, isn't it possible that charging via a PC can ruin the smartphone's battery?

Recharging a smartphone from a computer

If you have heard from a relative or a friend that charging the phone via a computer can ruin the battery life of the device, you should know that this is a false myth of technology. It's true that the energy produced by a PC to charge a connected smartphone is much lower than that produced by a regular power outlet and even a power bank. However, this does not mean that our smartphone's battery is at risk. The only problem with charging a smartphone from a notebook is having a very slow charge. In practice, if we hope to recharge our phone quickly using the PC we must forget it. Even after minutes and minutes of charging we'll only see a slight improvement in the remaining battery.

The same is true if we charge the phone from a car socket. With this operation we won't do anything serious for the life of the battery simply the current will be so low that it will recharge the smartphone very little and very slowly. In short, if we frequently connect a phone to a computer or a car charger we should not worry, we are not doing anything wrong, of course to have a good charge would be more convenient to buy a portable charger.