Does Chrome consume too much RAM? Here comes the Windows 10 solution

A new Windows 10 technology promises to decrease Chrome's impact on RAM by 30%: here's when it arrives

The release of Windows 10 May Update 2020 first and June 2020 Security Update later brought many problems to the PC operating system. Printers and peripherals no longer recognized by the PC, incompatibility with some video card drivers, sudden computer restarts. To all these malfunctions Microsoft is trying to find a solution and in some cases it has already found it, as evidenced by the ad hoc update released for the printer bug.

The May Update 2020, however, also brought with it interesting and above all very useful novelties. And that improve not only Microsoft's computer and programs, but also those of its competitors. The most obvious example concerns Chrome: the browser developed by Google has a heavy impact on the RAM memory of the PC, especially if you have many tabs open. Chromium, the architecture on which Chrome is based, is also used by the new version of Edge, the browser present by default on Windows 10. And Microsoft engineers have implemented a feature on the operating system that can decrease the impact of the browser on RAM by almost 30%.

Windows 10, the new feature that makes your PC faster

It's called Segment Heap and it's the new memory management system implemented by Microsoft on Windows 10 with the May update. It's an advanced technology that allows you to optimize the use of RAM by each program installed on your PC. Initially it was supposed to arrive only for UWP apps, but eventually Microsoft decided to make it available for everyone.

Segment Heap is already used by Edge and the browser's performance has improved tremendously: engineers estimate that the browser takes up 27% less RAM on the PC. This means that even a PC with 8GB of RAM can run very well and open programs very fast. In recent years, in fact, Chrome's memory management has worsened: having a dozen tabs open is enough to occupy more than 50% of RAM, affecting the computer's performance.

When will the new technology arrive on Chrome

For the moment Segment Heap is only available on Edge, but it will also arrive on Chrome, as confirmed by Google's technicians, but it will take time: tests have just begun. Big G engineers assure that with the new system will be saved hundreds of megabytes of memory, but for the new version of Chrome with Segment Heap will have to wait to avoid any problem of operation.