Does dark mode save battery power?

Does dark mode save battery life on my smartphone or tablet? In some devices, yes. Find out which ones they are

Dark mode is spreading like wildfire across apps and devices. This feature lets you turn your smartphone screen from white to black, reducing eye strain in a dark environment. The so-called Dark Mode, in addition to being a benefit for ocular health, also saves the device's battery.

But this does not happen in all types of displays, but only in OLED displays, found on different models of TVs, computers, but especially on the latest generation of smartphones and tablets. The OLED screen differs from LCD or LED because it does not have a backlight. Each pixel lights up individually. Therefore, the structure allows you to save battery when using an application in dark mode.

Dark mode in PC: does it really save battery?

OlED screens offer many advantages: higher video quality and more efficient devices. As mentioned, they can be used in dark mode, which helps you not to strain your eyes in a dark environment. Besides, using a device with Dark Mode also allows you to consume less battery. Not only that, but the pixels, by illuminating themselves, offer greater video quality. In particular, they offer a sharper contrast. This quality emerges especially when watching a movie on an OLED screen TV. Scenes are rich in detail and can be enjoyed more satisfactorily. Various software can be used in dark mode on a PC, most notably Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If your laptop's screen is OLED, using Dark Mode will save battery power. If you use Dark Mode with an LDC or LED screen, you may consume more power. In fact, it would be natural to increase the backlight of the screen and illuminate the keys to see the display better in dark mode.

Dark Mode on smartphones: how to save battery

But Dark Mode also has a huge impact on the use and efficiency of mobile devices. OLED screens are particularly well suited to smartphones and tablets because they are easier to make small. As a result, they have spread rapidly on both Samsung smartphones (Galaxy range) and the iPhone. Messaging apps quickly adapted and now feature a Dark Mode which is perfect when using the smartphone at night. By now, WhatsApp, Messenger & Co. feature Dark Mode and, in addition to having numerous eye health benefits, it saves cell phone battery.

How much battery can you save?

Using dark mode on a smartphone with an OLED screen saves between 15% and 60% energy. This test was done specifically for Youtube videos. But important results are also available on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.